Astro Alert: Full Moon In Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 04 2022

Dear Magic Makers,

October’s Moons have two things in common: they’re ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and courage, and they’re challenged by Venus, the planet of love and relationships.

This autumn, get ready for emotionally intense moments and relationship changes: a fiery Aries New Moon and a cathartic Scorpio Eclipse are about to awaken our inner strength and bring our connections to the next level. 

October’s Aries Full Moon holds a mirror to April’s Aries New Moon, bringing results and turning points in our process of self-expression and personal growth. In this fiery sign, the Moon activates intense emotions and challenges us to take up space, express our inner wild child, and bring more of ourselves to our relationships.

Full Moon in Aries:
October 9

October 2022 Full Moon in Aries


October’s Aries Full Moon is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and our lust for life! With our instincts more alive than ever, we’re being called to embody the warrior and the wild child within, claiming the freedom to listen to our senses and follow our inner compass. This is a checkpoint for the cycle that started on April 1st, when the last Aries New Moon emphasized individuality, willpower, and spontaneity. 

How were you following your desires at that time and what are the results or the turning points that you can embrace in your process right now? Some of us might enjoy the rewards of a project we’ve started this spring and celebrate how we’ve grown in courage and personal freedom, while others might become more aware of patterns that have been keeping them stuck, especially in relationships. Easy aspects with Saturn, the planet of karma, effort, and long-term success can bring significant rewards and help us end negative cycles in our connections.

The Aries Full Moon is one of the rawest moments of the entire year. Even with the influence of self-controlled Saturn, strong emotions can come to the surface, asking us to make space for what we usually consider “too intense” or socially inappropriate. More than any other day, the 9th of October calls us toward wilderness and self-expression. As a challenge, we could see a rise in aggression at this time: this is why our work is to consciously create space for our emotions, especially when it comes to anger or frustration. 

Have you left something unsaid? Write it down and burn the paper. Imagine that your words and your emotions are purified by the flames. Have the week’s frustrations taken a toll on your mood? How about dancing it out, exercising, allowing your body to feel fully alive and letting it show you what it needs? If things are going well, this is a great moment to celebrate, laugh, and connect with loved ones, perhaps setting the intention to release fears or burdens that are no longer aligned with your truest self.

The Full Moon’s conjunction with Chiron, the asteroid that reveals our deepest wounds and our most powerful gifts, emphasizes emotional healing and takes us on a journey of self-discovery at this time, highlighting the need for autonomy and revealing the way we’ve learned to express our feelings and tame our reactions during childhood. With this aspect, early childhood wounds, especially linked to the mother, can come to the surface, supporting us to find a balance between individuality and closeness. 

An adult that expresses anger in a healthy way (without crossing other people’s boundaries and without repressing his needs) was once a child whose frustration was witnessed, validated, and met with proper limits. The Moon-Chiron conjunction in Aries can help us realize that anger is a healthy signal: it shows that a boundary has been crossed. Where have you been sacrificing your needs or desires to keep the peace in a relationship? What healing action can you take to restore the balance? 

The Full Moon can bring powerful insights that help us activate our intuition and connect with our inner healer, especially with the active energy of balance-seeking Libra. At the opposite end of the raw, wild, soul-stirring Moon-Chiron conjunction, we can see the Sun together with love goddess Venus, a soothing couple that mirrors our need for beauty, peace, and harmonious relationships. 

This is a great time to ask yourself where these two apparent extremes meet in your life. Do you feel free to express your longings, your desires, and your frustrations with others? Can you focus on a fair give-and-take and keep a clear head when difficult emotions come to the surface in a conversation? Both Aries (instinct, fire, and individuality) and Libra (reason, balance, and diplomacy) are strong during the Full Moon, supporting us to bridge the gap between how we feel inside and what we show to others.

Especially in love, the Full Moon can challenge us to avoid sweeping problems under the rug or settling for a relationship where our need for affection is fulfilled at the cost of our need for authenticity. Many of us can gain a deeper awareness of what needs to change in our connections at this time, especially through observing, with compassion, if we tend to repeat a negative pattern. During this Full Moon, what can you do to lovingly assert your needs? How can you embrace a new level of relating and trust that you can find healing in the right relationships?

With easy aspects between Mars (confidence and assertion), Saturn (boundaries and commitment), and the Sun (our inner light) in Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, the zodiac signs that represent communication, connection, and adaptability, speaking clearly and asserting our needs can be immensely helpful at this time. A new level of responsibility and progress awaits in (personal or professional) connections that are based on mutual respect and common initiatives.

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn energy (especially with planets around the 17th degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the Full Moon the most, but all signs can connect with their instincts, heal wounds from the past, celebrate their individuality, and reap the rewards of their efforts in the life area ruled by Aries in the birth chart. 


Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • How have I grown in confidence and courage during the past six months & how can I celebrate my progress?

  • How does it feel to move closer to others? How does it feel to move away? Which one is more difficult for me and how can I take one step toward a more balanced approach?

  • How can I make space for my emotions, without judgment, and allow wounded parts of me to safely come to the surface?


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