October Astrology-Inspired Practices For Self-Care And Self-Discovery

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 04 2022

Dear Magic Makers, October is full of surprises: with a powerful Eclipse season knocking at our doors, a few weeks until the Sun enters transformative Scorpio, and a collection of planets shifting their apparent movement from retrograde to direct or vice-versa, we’re in for a wild ride this month! Luckily, we’re here to help you with tips and tricks on how to work with October’s energy. Our advice: pick one or two practices from the list below and repeat for at least 21 days in a row for the best results.

Scorpio Season, Solar Eclipse
in Scorpio, Pluto Direct

Astrology-inspired practices for self-care and self-discovery

The heart of autumn always brings the energy of depth and transformation, echoing nature’s process of death and rebirth. This year, Pluto, the planet of power and alchemy, goes direct on the 8th, turning up the volume on our subconscious mind, while a soul-stirring Scorpio Solar Eclipse brings a moment of release and renewal on the 25th, challenging us to become comfortable with our shadows and welcome all emotions with openness and compassion. Sounds intense? Here are a few ways to use this energy in your favor:

Inner dialogue:
Getting to know your disowned parts

Our shadow self is made of emotions and impulses that were unsafe to express in childhood. Usually, the shadow is seen as negative: here is where we find anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness, or the desire for power. However, the shadow can also be positive, reflecting traits that support us and help us grow, even if, for one reason or another, they were unsafe to express when we were small.

For example, if you were discouraged to ask for material things when you were a child, you might repress this part of yourself and avoid taking up space as an adult, even if you are, by all means, free to follow your desires in the present. If your anger was met with criticism or punishment, you might hide this side of you to keep the peace, even in situations where anger would have a healthy, protective role… or you might lash out when your boundaries are crossed.

What hidden gifts does your shadow carry? If we don’t shed light on them, these sides of us can come to the surface in unconscious and sometimes negative ways – for example, in situations where we get easily triggered, react on a whim, or self-sabotage. 

To make the shadow conscious, start by noticing your daily reactions, especially during this intense Scorpio season. What triggers you the most? What is your go-to reaction and what deeper reason might it hide? After you’ve identified an emotion or a side of you that you’ve disowned in the past, you can start a dialogue with it, either in your imagination or in writing. 

Visualize it, give it a voice, and stay curious about what it has to say. Even if it might come out in a raw or uncomfortable form, this side of you also wants to be seen and treated with compassion. You can ask it why it feels angry/frustrated/sad/afraid and stay curious about what it needs from you in the present moment. 

Our tip: use obsidian (a Black Obsidian Puffed Heart or Obsidian Gemstone Sphere) for grounding and protection during the process. This crystal can help you stay centered and prevent you from merging with the intense emotions that might arise. Because it helps us see the truth in difficult situations, obsidian is a powerful aid in shadow work.

If this practice awakens deep wounds or trauma, stay mindful of your boundaries: it might be helpful to do it with a therapist, a coach, or a spiritual guide.

The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

The 3-2-1 shadow process is a technique developed by philosopher and mystic Ken Wilber. It’s based on the idea that the shadow side comes to the surface in situations where we project our disowned parts on others. 

For example, if we aren’t aware of our vulnerable side, we might see others as overly sensitive or emotionally manipulative and even attract people who reflect this disconnected part of us. If we’re afraid to put ourselves first, we might be annoyed by people who are confident and see them as selfish. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t, sometimes, manipulative or selfish, but shadow work is all about recognizing the deeper themes of an interaction instead of automatically shifting the blame on others.

Here are the steps for the 3-2-1 shadow process:

- Think of someone who awakens strong emotions within you. You can choose someone you can’t stand, a person you’re in a conflict with, or a person you admire or idealize. When we feel strongly toward someone, projection might be at play.

- Describe the person. Whether you’re voicing your thoughts or writing them down, keep in mind that there’s no shame in being honest. Use the language that feels the most natural to you.

- Imagine a dialogue with them. Talk to them as if they were in front of you and tell them what bothers you, drives you mad, or inspires you about them. During this part, you can light up a Throat Chakra Votive Candle with the intention to speak honestly and heal communication-related blockages.

- Take their role. In this imaginary dialogue, reply as if you were in their shoes. Embody their perspective, their thoughts, and their emotions. Express the qualities that bother or fascinate you. How does it feel to act selfishly, if the person you chose is self-centered? How do you feel knowing that you’re strong and resilient, if you chose someone you admire for these traits?

- Recognize these traits within yourself. Perhaps you don’t embody them in the same way as the other person, but the point of this exercise is to see them mirrored in yourself in a healthy and relatable way. For example, you can think of moments when you were also selfish or reflect on how you might benefit from being a little more self-centered sometimes (perhaps taking more care of yourself or setting stronger boundaries). If you chose someone you admire, you can think of situations where you also embodied the quality that you love the most about them.

The point of this exercise is to help us feel whole and empowered by casting a new light on our relationships. Seeing ourselves reflected in the other can make us more conscious of – and, in consequence, less influenced by – the deeper reasons behind our triggers.


Saturn direct in Aquarius, Saturn square Uranus

October Astrology-Inspired Practices For Self-Care And Self-Discovery

Another main theme for October is finding a balance between structure and freedom. Whether you’re trying to stick to a daily schedule, implement an innovative project, or find creative freedom in a strict work environment, this month encourages you to work through possible frustrations and keep your ambition alive, especially if you’re dealing with situations you’ve also encountered in 2021. 

On the 23rd, Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, goes direct in Aquarius, bringing a few days when we might feel burdened by extra responsibilities, but also confident that our efforts are finally starting to show clear results. Here are a few ways to keep Saturn satisfied this month:

Planning SMART

If you’ve got a lot on your plate or if you’re trying to increase your productivity, setting SMART goals can help you improve your chances of success. Whether you’re planning a work project, a health routine, or a home makeover, your goals should be:

- Specific. What do you want to accomplish and what concrete steps do you need to follow?

- Measurable. If someone else was watching your progress from afar, how would they know that you were getting closer to your objective? For example, if you’re decluttering, instead of saying “I want to organize my house”, you could make a list of areas you want to take care of and set the intention of decluttering one area every day.

- Achievable. Is your goal something you can realistically achieve? Is the workload or the timeframe you’ve established appropriate for your personal resources (time, energy, motivation)? For example, if you’re working overtime, perhaps decluttering one area every two days is a more sensible goal.

- Relevant. Why are you setting this particular goal? What does achieving it mean to you? For example, your intention could be to organize your house by decluttering one area every two days because you want to reduce visual noise in your home and improve mental clarity.

- Time-bound. Setting a time limit for your goal can create a sense of urgency that keeps you motivated. Deadlines can prevent you from becoming (too) distracted by daily tasks or temptations. For example, your decluttering plan could extend to the following two or three weeks. Our tip: you can work with one of our 7 Day Candles to set powerful SMART goals. Depending on your intention, you can choose from the Money Drawing, Better Business, Peaceful Home, or Miracle Healing candles.

Future Self Journaling

Future Self Journaling is a fun journaling technique that connects us with our ideal future and helps us manifest it through small steps. It’s a way to embrace the outcome we’re dreaming of, not only by visualizing it, but also by taking concrete action every day. This way, we can build a solid bridge between who we are today and who we want to become in a few months or years.

Even if there is no set way to practice future self journaling, the main points are visualization, embodiment, and concrete action. Every day (consistency is key when it comes to manifestation!), journal about one behavior you’d like to change or one part of your life you want to improve. 

You can use our Leather Journal with Strap (the dreamcatcher design can give you an extra boost of inspiration) for this daily practice. The particulars are up to you: you can make a writing plan, stick to one area (for example, work intentions, money goals, or health changes), or be spontaneous and write about what feels important to you that day. In time, you’ll probably notice recurring themes.

The trick? In any way you choose, combine writing about what your future self will do and how they will feel when your intention is fulfilled… with writing about the things you can do today to make that reality come true. 

It’s best if you use the present tense when you describe your future self (“I feel at peace”, “I have a loving relationship”), then make the connection with your current situation by focusing on your feelings (perhaps what you’re writing makes you feel inspired or hopeful). What can you do today to move one step closer to this new reality? What opportunities could you take advantage of and what could you do differently?

Future Self Journaling can help us clarify our goals (it can be magical to notice what themes are repeating for you if you write daily), nurture positive aspirations (and extra motivation!), balance out the mind’s natural tendency to focus on the negative, and help us make better decisions every day. What are you writing about today?

Full Moon in Aries: Your Inner Fire

Full Moon In Aries Burning Ceremony

On the 9th, an intense Full Moon in Aries is bound to set sparks flying! This passionate sign and its daredevil energy make October’s Full Moon one of the best times to unwind and connect with our wild side. Here are a few ways to make the most of this energy:

Burning Ceremony: Letting it Go

Fire represents passion, wisdom, and purification. When we’re transitioning from one life phase to another and leaving something behind (a job, a relationship, a difficult experience or emotion), the spirit of fire can help us transmute the past and prepare for a new journey. What better time for a burning ceremony than the Aries Full Moon, a moment that reconnects us with the fire within? In conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, this Moon favors emotional processing and release, supporting us to heal old wounds and move forward with less baggage.

For a burning ceremony, you’ll need a pen and a piece of paper or an object that represents something you want to let go of. You can burn it in a fireplace or a fireproof vessel such as a metal or a ceramic bowl (a Black Plain Metal Cauldron can do the trick). Here’s how to do it:

- Center yourself. You can take a few deep breaths and imagine roots growing from your tailbone (this is where your root chakra is located). It’s not recommended to do a burning ceremony when you’re angry; if you need to, you can go for a walk, dance, or journal beforehand to discharge the energy. You can also place an Angelite Crystal Soothing Peaceful Blue Gemstone Pyramid on your altar; this soothing stone can be a great aid for emotional balance.

- Ask the spirit of fire to help you. Set an intention (such as “I choose to release my lack of confidence”) and connect with the spirit of fire, asking for help and guidance. You can also ask your spirit guides and angels to help you during this ritual. 

- Write down what you want to release. Use a small piece of paper and focus on what has been blocking you until now. Where are you ready to move forward? Because the Full Moon is in Aries, you could release fears around change, spontaneity, new experiences, or self-expression. You could choose to release rage and resentment or patterns that are blocking you from embodying your anger in a healthy way. 

Try to identify your emotions and focus on how they feel in your body. Are you tense or relaxed? In what part of your body do you feel the fear/anger/sadness? 

- Burn the paper. Breathe in, breathe out, and visualize your spirit guides helping you with this release. Notice how you feel as you watch the paper burn and allow yourself to sit with the emotions that come up. If you feel like it, you can thank this part of you for the gifts it brought you and tell it that you’re ready to embark on a new, healthier chapter.

At the end, you might notice that a part of the paper didn’t burn – it might be a word or a group of words that represents a feeling or an experience that you’re not ready to let go of. This is perfectly fine; give thanks and honor your process, knowing that it’s alright to take as much time as you need. If the fire consumed the entire piece of paper, you might have written about something that was more than ready to be left behind.

Moving Meditation

Sitting still is not a requirement for all types of meditation: especially for those of us who lack the patience (people born on the First Quarter Moon can be the first candidates here) or for those moments when it’s difficult to relax, moving meditation can be a great choice. Especially when the Full Moon is in Aries, one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac, not many of us are in the mood for absolute stillness. 

Moving meditation is based on slow and rhythmical movements that connect us with our bodies and help us quiet our minds. Because a lot of physical tension and emotional pain is stored in the body, moving meditation can actually be the first choice for those of us who feel overwhelmed by thoughts or powerful emotions during traditional meditation. By focusing on the body, the mind and the emotions follow.

Here are three types of moving meditation that you can practice:

- Walking meditation. This simple practice can help us develop awareness of our bodies while we’re in motion. It usually involves walking more slowly than usual and it can be as simple as noticing our steps and our breath, focusing all our attention on the present moment. Since we’re used to always rushing to the next place or the next task, this practice is great for centering ourselves during a busy day, especially because it can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

For improving focus and quieting the mind, counting your steps can be a great idea. Notice how many you take on the inhale and on the exhale. You don’t need to control your breathing in any way; keep it light and focus on the journey rather than the destination. One of the goals of walking meditation is to help us realign with the simple joy of movement. 

- Tai Chi or Qigong. These two traditional Chinese practices help us regulate the chi (“life force”) energy in the body. Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art and it’s based on slow, focused movements that are coordinated with deep breathing. Qi Gong is more of an internal process that uses mindful and intentional movement to make the chi flow smoothly. 

During the Aries Full Moon, we can tap into the wisdom of these ancient practices to allow stagnant energy to move again. As the sign of motion and action, Aries encourages us to come back into our bodies and ignite (or reignite) the fire of strength and vitality.

- Daily task meditation. Many of our daily tasks are done on autopilot, often as we’re rushing to the next item on the list. Daily task meditation is a simple practice that helps us slow down what we’re doing and focus our attention on the present moment. When we change the rhythm, our attention shifts as well, allowing us to take in more of our internal and external environment. We’re entering a state of flow and we can easily find satisfaction in what we’re doing, even if it’s something as simple as brushing our teeth, washing the dishes, or drinking water.

To make the most of this practice, pick a single daily activity and plan to do it mindfully in the next week. Our tip: light a Harmony Soy Herbal Filled Votive Candle as a cue to remind you of your intention. 



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