Divine Masculinity: Qi Gong,Tao, Tantric, and Masculinity with Daka Dan

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on February 02 2022



Hello, Magic Makers! I’m super excited to welcome you to this week’s episode of the Magic Hour Podcast!

Our guest for this episode is the Medicine Man, Dan Daka. Dan is a Neo-Tantric Yoga, Shamanic Energy Medicine, and Taoist Inner Alchemy QiGong practitioner in Annapolis, Maryland.

He serves a private clientele, teaches workshops at home and across the country, and provides transformational coaching for men who want to embody their sacred masculine birthright more fully as conscious, empowered, and fiercely loving leaders. 

Additionally, he works with women to help them achieve sexual wholeness and creative abundance, as well as couples to help them create the loving and sexual relationship they've always desired. 

In this podcast episode, he talks with the host of the Magic Hour Podcast, Shereen Campbell, about Qi Gong, Tao, Tantric, and Masculinity. He shares his turbulent struggle with addiction and heartbreak in his early years and how he eventually turned it around to discover his purpose by breaking away from the traditional religious path to fully embrace the spiritual healing energy within him. 

This episode also features tips from Dan on how to balance the body's energy, transform sexual energy into a life force, and bring your entire body into harmony.

You’ll also learn about the dangers of toxic masculinity and how men can benefit from letting go of patriarchal norms that see women as less than.

You don't want to miss this! Tune in to listen. 

 Things You’ll Learn: 

  • The tools to attaining change and transformation
  • Transmutation of sexual energy 
  • How to discover your purpose 
  • Does toxic masculinity exist? 
  • Attaining the non-dual state of consciousness


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