Word of the Week - Spiritual Awakening

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 26 2018

When you walk the path of spirituality, there comes a moment when you hear about spiritual awakening. But, what exactly is a spiritual awakening? Is it a divine state or perhaps you tap into some higher knowledge? Many have described spiritual awakening as a constant euphoria of positivity, love, and amazement of how beautiful the world is. To be more exact, as a shift in one's perspective on the world. As if suddenly, something clicked and the moment of spiritual awakening came to them. Sometimes it takes years of spiritual teaching and sometimes, spiritual awakening comes into your life, unexpectedly.

When you spiritually awaken, you finally understand why each day is a gift and how amazing life is. The same old patterns, don't seem dull and boring because you see them with a fresh set of eyes. You start noticing many things, that before didn't even occur your mind. And the more you observe the little things in your life and your surroundings you begin to comprehend the duality of nature.

The complexity has simplicity in it and vice versa. You begin to truly see the world, instead of just rushing past it. And that gives you the sort of feeling that the world itself is a majestic piece of art in motion. And you get to observe, see it evolve and move to its final stages. And even better, you understand that you are not just there to observe but, rather help it create itself and evolve.

Because you are a part of that motion art called life. And when you evolve, it evolves with you. That understanding is something really profound and amazing. It nurtures you and helps you grow to lengths you never thought you'd grow. And so, spiritual awakening slowly turns into unending joy.



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