The Twelfth Astrology House - End of an era

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 26 2018

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for joining us on this magical journey through the astrology houses! Today, with the twelfth astrology house our journey is coming to an end. Now that you have passed all the previous astrology houses you can't help but feel like you have already seen it all. That is when the search for something more meaningful starts within you. You dwell in the spiritual realm and you try to become better, more compassionate and find the true meaning behind your existence. And it's all in the realm of the twelfth astrology house.

By the time we reach the twelfth astrology house, we’ve seen it all. The concrete world doesn’t have much to offer us anymore, so inevitably we turn inwards, exploring the invisible: the spiritual realm, the collective unconscious, past life connections, meditation, prayers, dreams and deep emotions that are shielded even from ourselves. After spending a lifetime to consolidate our ego and our place in the world, in the 12th astrology house we renounce all that we’ve built and started a new construction, this time a transcendental one through which we forge our personal connection with the divine or with the collective soul.

It’s no wonder that the twelfth house represents solitude and hidden places since most of this profound search is a solitary endeavor that happens away from the humdrum of daily life. The spiritual connection comes with responsibility, though; more than retreating in a safe space and communicating with your soul, it implies giving back to the world at large. If the 11th house encouraged us to be proactive when it comes to social change, the 12th households a deeper awareness of how we’re all interconnected. Empathy, compassion, and sacrifice are keywords here as we connect to the often painful emotions that humankind collectively shares.

This is also the territory of self-undoing, mental disorders, and addictions: different ways in which our need to connect to the Source can go wrong, far from crystal clear unconditional love and into the muddy waters of an unstable ego. Since the 12th house represents the end of a life cycle, we see here either the wise, spiritual old man/woman or the elder whose mental clarity is slowly fading away. We see both temples, sacred places of retreat and asylums, hospitals. Look at your 12th house sign and planet placements to answer some of these questions: What traits or aspects of yourself are difficult to express? How do you tend to sabotage yourself? How can you best connect to the Source? How can you express compassion and put yourself in the service of humanity at large?



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