Word of the Week – Feng Shui

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 05 2018

When it comes to bringing good and positive energy to your home, Feng Shui is an expression that is often heard. So, what exactly is Feng Shui and how does it bring positive energy into your home?

Feng Shui comes from Chinese tradition and it has been known to exist more than 5000 years. It’s an art and science that helps you, to organize any given space in a way that it will attract positive energy and let it flow freely. It's very important to have positive energy into your home.

And when you think about it, it does make sense. When you spend time in a space that you don’t like, it does affect you negatively. By organizing your home better and letting the magical positive energy flow freely, your inner magical spark will not only awaken, it’s flames will also warm your heart and soul.  And Feng Shui is an awesome way to do it!

Feng Shui itself in translation means “wind water” which are the two of the five natural elements. The principle of five elements is one of the two. In China the five elements: water, wind, fire, earth, metal, and wood represent a cycle that can be either positive or negative. The other principle is the principle of yin and yang. Bringing balance between those two energies (chi) is essential when it comes to leading a more fulfilling, balanced and positive lifestyle. Feng Shui is pretty hard to master, but the benefits it offers are endless. By teaching us how to harmonize our energy with the energy of the space in which we live, it helps us not only to bring positive energy in our home but to also bring balance into our lives. 

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