Book of the Week – Will I ever be good enough? By Dr. Karyl Mc.Bride

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 05 2018

Sometimes, parents and especially mothers, seem to have unrealistic standards. While you were growing up, you might have been compared with your siblings or the best students in class and often asked: “Why can’t you be as good as them?” ,“Why can’t your grades be like theirs?” ,“How can they do it and you can’t?”. In other words, even if you did your best since you weren’t THE best your parents didn’t praise you.

By doing so they taught you that love is not unconditional in life. While your parents probably had the best intention and wanted to help you bring out the best of you and your potential, and help you work hard in your life, it seems that this kind of harsh words can bring more bad than good in life sometimes. In her book “Will I ever be good enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers”, Dr. Karyl explains how this type of behavior drags through your life and can affect you very negatively. In her years as a therapist, she noticed that usually the fear of abandonment that leads to forming unhealthy relationships is usually caused by the unhealthy way in which your parents communicated with you.

Luckily she offers great help in her book and helps you realize what the problem is and how to overcome it in her awesome book. The reality is that in our life we all ask ourselves: “Will I ever be good enough?” And it seems once you ask it, you keep going back to this question. Which is why I highly recommend this book, to anyone who ever felt like they are not good enough because Dr. Karyl with her firm and warm tone offers great help and insight.

Read on my friends and remember:

You DO matter! You ARE good enough! You ARE magical!



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