Plan of Action: Feed Your Soul with Will Richards

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on March 25 2016

Today on Feed Your Soul, meet William Richards: not your mother's TV producer. Growing up in in Europe and now doing his thing in the US to continue dominating his work as an official NYC resident, Will has manifested an impressive portfolio of work in his producing career.  He even has an Emmy, receiving recognition from Daytime Emmys, a win in 2011 and a nomination in 2007. Richards has stayed ahead by producing shows for Jerry Springer, Tyra Banks, Bill Cunningham and most recently Dr. Oz. He knows what he wants and knows what it takes to get it, but has not forgotten that there is so much left to do in his lifetime. It is so important to have that mindset! To keep in mind that although you have accomplished much, there is still always something out there ready to challenge you in ways you have not yet discovered. That right there is what feeds Richards' soul. 

Are there any consistent activities or rituals you do to maintain a sense of inner peace? I run 4 miles a day to clear my head.

When you are in an emotional rut, what are your go to ways to bring yourself out of that feeling? The immediate go to is to grab a beer. Closing the door and taking time out works well too. Not many things work better than a really good walk though.

Before beginning a creative process, what type of preparation do you normally undertake? Before a creative process I prepare, think about what I want and how I want it to turn out. Then execute.

Describe a time you underwent a particularly stressful situation and what measures you took to move through that process. I once worked on a show I wasn't even remotely qualified for. My time there was stressful and short. When that nightmare was behind me, I retreated and regrouped. I evaluated my time on "nightmare" island, isolated everything that didn't work about that position, and applied that to the next project.

Do you have any favorite movies that always revive your spirit? Team America: World Police. It's impossible not to laugh when watching that masterpiece. It's completely absurd yet totally on point. It's genius.

Is there a particular genre of music that brings you calm? Surprisingly, metal music calms me the most. Good metal. Nothing crazy like Napalm Death or Norwegian Black Metal. Just really good rock with a nice groove and talented musicians. There is just something special about drums, guitar and bass.

What is the most inspiring book you have ever read? An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything by Chris Hadfield.

Do you meditate? If so, how did you learn and what methods do you use often? I do not meditate, but I often tell myself I'm going to start. I'd like to learn and I will... eventually.

What’s your favorite motivational YouTube or Netflix video? I can't say I have one, but when I feel like I want to put my mind in gear I watch guitar tutorials on YouTube. It signals my brain that I'm ready to start absorbing and it makes me feel kind of cool if I can actually learn the song.

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Written by Katie Girouard.





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