Word of the Week – Dowsing

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 24 2019

Have you ever found yourself having more questions than answers in life? It’s only natural since the complexity of our lives has gone waaay up than what it was, let’s say about 200 years ago. Life’s experiences, good and bad teach us valuable lessons that help us live a better life in the future. However, sometimes some extra guidance is still needed. That’s why we like to get our little help from intuition building rituals and tools. That’s right – we are talking about a little something called dowsing.

What is dowsing?

We bet the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about dowsing is using a pendulum to find something – right? Well, the truth is that dowsing is a way of finding objects and answers, and while there can be various tools used to dowse, you can also dowse without tools. Often people mistake pendulums for being magical tools that can find things or answers, however, that’s not the case. Pendulums are only the tools that can help you to understand your subconscious mind, on a conscious level. All the magic is within you, and pendulums just help you to manifest it more easily. Thus, you can dowse anywhere and anytime with or without tools.

However, in this modern era in which we are living most of us are very disconnected from ourselves. The constant distraction around every corner, the smartphones, social media and news keep us busy every moment that we are awake, which doesn’t really give us the time to reflect and connect with our inner self. Which is why pendulums have become such popular tools for dowsing. Think of them as translators, between your conscious self and inner self.

Although pendulums are most often used for dowsing, pendulums are tools that can be used for many purposes. Which is why not every person you see with a pendulum is dowsing.

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