Dowsing to Remove Negative Energy

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 25 2019

Did you know that you can use dowsing to remove negative energy? It’s true! Dowsing is the ability to find hidden objects, answers or it can even detect energies. By programming your pendulum to detect negative energies around you or inside you, you can use the pendulum to find specific energy blockage and toxicity, and dissolve them. This method is more specific and direct than any other cleansing, and we like to do it especially when it seems like negative thought and emotional patterns seem to overtake us more often.

Take your pendulum in your dominant hand.  We like to use a Reiki Healing Blue Onyx Pendulum however you can use any crystal pendulum that you wish to do. We prefer doing this, because the healing frequencies of a reiki charged pendulum are more efficient in removing negative blocks.

  1. After taking a few relaxing breaths, ask your pendulum to ‘show you yes’.  You might feel a little twitching if you arm as your body obeys you. Remember, using a pendulum is akin to asking your body (which knows all the answers of the universe) to have a conversation with you and the universe.  

  2. Now that you know what yes is, ask your pendulum to ‘show you no’.  Make sure you remember which direction is which. For each person it’s different.  

  3. Next, we are going to use a special chart marked 0-100.  You can download yours here and print it to do this part. Hold your pendulum over the chart. Ask your pendulum ‘From 0-100, what is my compatibility level with healing’ (or change, sanity, prosperity, relationships, exercise, love, healthy diet, family, home, job etc).  Observe where the pendulum is pointing. Do not despair if it is below 100, as that’s what we are going to heal.  

  4. If your compatibility is low, ask your pendulum ‘is it non-beneficial frequencies that are keeping my compatibility low?’  This will result in a yes or no response from your pendulum. Repeat the same question replacing non-beneficial frequencies with a belief, a thought and a memory, resulting in 4 questions. Note what came through as yes.

  5. If you received yes for non-beneficial frequencies, then swing your pendulum counterclockwise while saying: ‘I ask the highest universal source to please remove all non-beneficial frequencies that are causing my compatibility level with healing to be low.’

  6. When your pendulum has stopped swinging, then the energy is neutralized (yay).  

  7. Now, swing your pendulum clockwise and say: ‘please transform all non-beneficial frequencies to beneficial frequencies and energy and raise my compatibility level with healing to 100%’.

  8. If your pendulum answered yes for beliefs, thoughts or memories you are holding on to, then next, holding your pendulum over your trusty chart, ask your pendulum ‘Between 0 and 100, how many beliefs, thoughts or memories are influencing my compatibility level with healing ?’  Watch for the count the pendulum identifies.

  9. Similar to how we released non-beneficial frequencies, we will do the same for beliefs, thoughts and memories.  Swinging your pendulum counterclockwise say: ‘I ask the highest universal source to please remove the emotions from the 5 memories, thoughts and beliefs that are adversely influencing my compatibility level with healing to be low.’

  10. When your pendulum has stopped swinging, then the emotions attached to those memories, thoughts and beliefs are neutralized (yay).  

  11. Now, swing your pendulum clockwise and say: ‘please transform the feelings attached to these memories, thoughts and beliefs to appropriate energy causing my compatibility level with healing to be 100%’.

  12. You’re all set!  Yay! Don’t forget to tell the universe thanks for the help.

We hope you enjoyed this ritual!

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    Hello! The link to the pendulum chart is not working. Please help 😇🙏🏽💜💗

    Posted by Starseed789 | March 30, 2022
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