The Sun In Libra - 5 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Libra

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 23 2019

From the 23rd of September to the 22nd of October, the Sun waltzes through the sign of Libra, donning this sign’s love of beauty, art, and good conversation. Natal Suns in Libra will vibe with this season the most, but don’t worry if you’re not part of their clique! Each one of us is a small Libra in one sector of our lives, be it finances, relationships or family, depending on the house cusp that is activated in our chart. Read below to find out what you can do this season to connect more to this beauty-loving, balance-seeking part of you!

Aries/Aries Ascendant

Dear Aries, Libra occupies the 7th house of relationships and partnerships in your chart. This sign represents your ideal other, as well as your hidden self, the one with opposite traits from the ones you are usually known for. This season, you can take a step forward and be more Libra-like by having a negotiation in one of your most important relationships or by making a compromise, meeting the other on middle ground. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time for going on a romantic date, perhaps in a fancier place than usual. You can take your significant other out for wine tasting or for visiting an art gallery. Since it’s the season of beauty, another thing you can do is to go shopping and to choose those outfits that truly spark joy!

Taurus/Taurus Ascendant

Dear Taurus, you have Libra in your 6th house of work and health, so this is a time to bring more balance in your daily life! Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to start a new beauty ritual or a new exercise habit. Your inner Libra might love some gentle yoga or dancing, especially with a partner. Contact yoga is a great option! Taking some time to smooth things out with a co-worker and to reach a compromise or beautifying your workspace are only two ways in which you can make your daily humdrum more pleasant. You are never more Libra than when you take the time to enjoy the simple things in life!

Gemini/Gemini Ascendant

Dear Gemini, airy Libra falls in your 5th house of romance, creativity, and fun. You are at your most Libra when you go out and paint the town red! Choosing the best venues and company- places and people that make you fall in love with life- is one way to connect to this energy. Partying, flirting, meeting new people or going on fancy dates can really amp up your inner scales. Another way is art, art, art! Visiting galleries and creating something yourself, be it with the paintbrush, your hands or your voice, can help you make the most of your creativity. Enjoy the pleasures of life and your inner Libra will be satisfied!

Cancer/Cancer Ascendant

Dear Cancer, Libra activates the area of home and family in your chart, your trademark 4th house! To connect to this strong, yet sensitive energy, you can decorate your home with the fabrics and the patterns that soothe your soul, perhaps even taking up gardening to bring some flowery vibes to your environment. You can take your time to look for new recipes, practicing your cooking skills and sharing the results with loved ones. Spending time in your safe space is a great way to tap into your inner Libra, so throw a party at your place, invite some friends over for dinner or movies and a snack or just cuddle with a book while soft music plays in the background… and enjoy!

Leo/Leo Ascendant

Dear Leo, you have the scales in your 3rd house of learning and communication, so your inner Libra comes to the surface through your thoughts and your words! Visual learning might be your thing as your brain makes faster connections when the learning material is nicely structured and aesthetically pleasing. Beautify your notebooks and study on! Another thing you can do is to hit the books with a friend or even with your partner. Listening to music on public transport or investing in a high-quality car are also likely to make your inner Libra giddy. Finally, meeting new people and exchanging ideas can be particularly satisfying during this time!

Virgo/Virgo Ascendant

Dear Virgo, Libra occupies your 2nd house of material things, so it’s all about connecting to your senses and to the natural world for you! Awaken your inner Libra by spending time in nature and moving your body in soothing ways, perhaps through yoga or slow dancing. Getting a massage could be the perfect way to relax! Cooking healthy, organic food or restocking on your favorite perfume are two other ideas that can help you connect to your senses in the present moment. Finally, a shopping spree isn’t off the list- make sure to choose quality products that you know you truly enjoy!

Libra/Libra Ascendant

Dear Libra, the Sun in your sign means that it’s your time to shine! Our star illuminates your 1st house of self, highlighting your desires and your ambitions, your appearance and your behavior towards others. A makeover, a pampering session or a shopping spree are some fun ways to connect to your love of all things beautiful! Laugh, love, go out and dare to steal the spotlight for a little while. Your season is also a good time to reconnect to your ambitions, whether we’re talking about work, relationships or health. What do you want to do, how do you want to move forward? Be extra nice to yourself this season and the Universe will be as well!

Scorpio/Scorpio Ascendant

Dear Scorpio, Libra falls into your 12th house of dreams and self-undoing, so your inner Libra is like a hidden gem that mostly shows up through nighttime dreams or through those emotions that you can’t really pinpoint the source of. To connect to your inner scales, keep a dream journal or talk about your dreams with close ones. Bring a little harmony to your mind through daily meditation or gratefulness practice and try to stay aware of how you might be connecting to others without realizing it- perhaps through taking on some of their emotions or through empathizing with all kinds of different perspectives. Music or art therapy might be some of the best ways in which you can bring those deep emotions and needs to light.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Ascendant

Dear Sagittarius, for you, Libra falls in the 11th house of friendships, group involvements and hopes for the future. Uniting with like-minded people for a common purpose (working in an NGO, for example, or volunteering) is one of the best ways to honor your inner scales and their desire for social justice. Alternately, simply going out with friends, sharing drinks and interesting ideas can make good use of your Libra energy. Since the 11th house is also where we find technology and innovation, making online friends might be your cup of tea, especially this season. When you think about your future, what do you see there? Libra can give you a hint: you might want to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances in an amiable, pleasant environment. Finding your soul tribe is really important for you!

Capricorn/Capricorn Ascendant

Dear Capricorn, Libra is all about career and public image for you. This is the sign that represents your mission in the world, so tap into its energy by investing in how you appear to others. Emphasize grace and honesty, affability and willingness to compromise. If you’re in a position of authority (as you might very well be), tap into your inner Libra by being a strong, yet pleasant and open-minded leader who turns fairness into a priority. At the workplace, it might be a good idea to bring balance through beautifying your environment, through some background music or through doing your best to keep things peaceful with co-workers. Staying open to collaboration at work might be one of your keys to success!

Aquarius/Aquarius Ascendant

Dear Aquarius, Libra activates your 9th house of travels, beliefs and higher education. Going on a trip overseas with your partner or with your friends is a great way to tap into this sign’s energy! So is taking a course together or doing a spiritual practice side by side. Since the 9th house rules beliefs, having debates on philosophical, political or religious matters might be exactly your cup of tea, especially since you’re able to bring multiple perspectives to the table. If you’re able to peacefully fight for justice and balance in the world through your work, you get extra points on the Libra front!

Pisces/Pisces Ascendant

Dear Pisces, Libra is active in your 8th house of sexuality and hidden things. Being vulnerable to share yourself and your resources with another are one of the most Libra things you can do. Practicing tantra or doing a magical ritual with your partner can help you tap into the energy of this sign, as can participating in spiritual groups! When you’re venturing into the unknown, it helps if you’re not doing it alone. When it comes to more mundane matters, you can bring some Libra energy into your life by keeping balance in the finances that you share with your partner. While getting to know yourself, you also have the potential to help others go through difficult times through counseling and talk therapy!

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