What Are Your Most Compatible Signs?

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Posted on August 30 2021

Dear Magic Makers, whether you’re curious about your compatibility with someone special or you want to find out more about the signs that suit you the best, we’ve prepared a list of your most compatible signs and the gifts that your relationship can bring. 

Remember to check your Sun Sign, as well as your Ascendant, and keep in mind that a full compatibility report takes the entire birth chart into consideration. You can use this list as a general guide to find out more about the signs you vibe with the most!


Dear Aries, if you partner up with a Sagittarius, you'll have some of the best adventures of your life! You're both spontaneous, passionate, and ready to try new things, so life will never be boring for the two of you. This is a highly dynamic connection that supports you to expand beyond your comfort zone.

A Leo can be an equally good match, even though you might need to smooth out some ego issues first. Once you're on the same page, you can have a lot of fun and challenge each other’s limits. You're both bold and confident and you can make a great power couple together!

For a more complementary type of union, a Libra can be a great match for you. This relationship-oriented sign balances out your impulsive nature and teaches you about compromise… while you bring more spontaneity and fun into their lives. If you can find a middle ground to make it work, this can be a perfect match.


Dear Taurus, you can conquer the world together with a Capricorn: you're both ambitious, practical, and you value commitment and integrity above everything else. If you're looking for someone you can build a future with, this steady sign won't let you down! You can enjoy the good life together; just make sure to spice things up from time to time.

A Virgo can also be a good match for you. This sign understands your hard-working nature and your love for simplicity and quality. You can support each other through the good and the bad and create a stable life together.

For a more challenging type of union, a Scorpio can push you out of your comfort zone and complement your stability with an intensity that sets you on fire! You both value commitment, loyalty, and passion; as long as you make a few compromises, you can be a real power couple together.



Dear Gemini, if you’re thinking about partnering up with an Aquarius, you could be in for the best time of your life! You’re both curious, open-minded, and always up for a good debate or an exciting adventure. With the quirkiness and the unpredictability of this sign, you’ll never be bored. 

Life is more balanced with a Libra, but this airy sign is still a great match for your curiosity and your openness. You can make a great social couple together and you can easily smooth over conflicts with just the right amount of reason and poise. 

If you’re looking for a wildcard, adventurous partnership that pushes you to grow, a Sagittarius can be a great match for you! You can talk for hours on an end, fall asleep in each other’s arms at the other end of the world, and build a life of motion and excitement together. Compromise and staying open to learn from each other are essential in this relationship.



Dear Cancer, if you’re looking for someone who can match your depth of feeling and meet you in the heart of your emotional experiences without flinching, you’re definitely thinking about a Scorpio! With this magnetic sign, you can create a connection based on trust, vulnerability, and passion. Since you both value commitment and emotional intelligence, this relationship can offer you the safety you’re seeking.

Pisces is also a great match for your sensitivity and intuition; you naturally understand each other’s states and emotions to the point of telepathy and you’re not afraid to encourage each other’s craziest dreams. Together, you can create a safe haven where you feel supported and understood.

If you’re looking for a partner that complements you and helps you grow, a steady Capricorn can be your perfect match. With their pragmatism, ambition, and maturity, this sign can make you feel supported like no other. You’ll need to make a few compromises to make things work, but as long as you stay open to each other, the future is yours!



Dear Leo, if you’re looking for an equally passionate counterpart, you could conquer the world together with an Aries! You’re both ambitious, creative, and in love with the present moment. Since you both like to lead, you might need to make some adjustments to get along, but overall, this can be a fiery hot connection that supports and strengthens your inner glow.

A Sagittarius can help you grow out of your comfort zone and try new adventures, while your natural confidence and stability can support them to anchor and direct their restless energy toward a clear goal. Since you’re both enthusiastic about life and ready to follow your hearts, you can work some real magic together!

Even if an Aquarius might shock you at first, you two can be naturally drawn to each other’s courage, authenticity, and desire to make a change. This wacky sign can balance out your passion with a more detached, intellectual approach, while you can help them bring their playful inner child to the surface. As long as you stay open-minded about each other’s perspectives, this can be a great match!



Dear Virgo, if you want a stable partnership that makes you feel supported and valued, a Capricorn is the perfect sign for you! Their rational approach matches your pragmatism, making it easy to understand each other’s love language: practical support, acts of service, and quality time spent together. 

With a Taurus, you can build an equally stable relationship; you naturally understand each other’s goals and priorities. This sign’s inner calm and steadiness can ground you when your mind is scattered, while your mutual appreciation of simplicity and order can make for easy and fulfilling interactions day by day.

If you’re looking for a partnership that challenges you to grow beyond your comfort zone, a dreamy Pisces is just what you need! This sensitive, intuitive sign can bring a spark of magic into your life, helping you embrace the uncertainties of emotion and imagination. You’re both motivated to help others; as long as you make a few compromises, this can be a healing connection for you and for the world.



Dear Libra, are you looking for a connection where conversation flows with ease and you’re drawn to touch each other’s bodies and minds in equal measure? A Gemini naturally understands your way of thinking and your social nature. The chemistry between you can be off the charts!

An Aquarius can also satisfy your need for mental connection while challenging you to grow out of your comfort zone by exploring new perspectives and meeting different people. You can be a great social couple together and you can encourage each other’s plans and ideas with ease! 

Even though you might feel like you’re on totally different pages, an Aries can complement your focus on finding balance and keeping the peace by bringing a necessary dose of passion, initiative, and healthy self-centeredness into your life. The attraction is definitely there; as long as you work on reaching a middle ground, you can enjoy a powerful bond together.



Dear Scorpio, partnering up with a Cancer can be emotionally intense, but equally rewarding: you’re receptive to each other’s feelings and you both value passion and commitment. This sensitive sign will be entirely devoted to you and will make you feel safe enough to open up and share your vulnerable side. 

You can create an equally powerful bond with a Pisces, another sign who is not afraid to join you in your depth of feeling. Their softness and their rich imagination can bring more light into your world, while their ability to go with the flow can show you how it feels to safely lose control. You can work some serious magic together!

With a Taurus, the chemistry can be off the charts. Both of you are passionate, loyal, and determined, and you can make an amazing couple together as long as you avoid being too obstinate… too often. Taurus can bring more stability into your life, helping you feel grounded when you tend to lose yourself in your emotions. Their love of simplicity balances out your mysterious nature. With a few compromises, you can be the definition of a power couple!



Dear Sagittarius, with an Aries by your side, no mountain is too tall to conquer! This fiery sign understands your adventurous spirit and is there to back you up on your journey, reminding you to live life to the fullest. You’re both passionate, idealistic, and you find it easy to cheer for each other’s dreams.

Partnering up with a Leo can boost your confidence and make you feel more grounded and supported – without the side effects of boredom or stagnation. You’re both generous souls and natural leaders who can raise each other (and those around you) up. A Leo understands that life is all about joy, creativity, and exploration, and they know that their love and loyalty can enhance the experience for you.

With a mercurial Gemini, you can enjoy an equally dynamic, but more challenging partnership; both of you are either geeks or free spirits who love to move around, chat, and learn something new every day. As long as you listen to each other and see your relationship as an opportunity for growth, you can be best friends and lovers who support and complement each other.



Dear Capricorn, if you’re looking for a steady partner who understands and supports your goals, a Taurus might be the one for you! You’re both slow to open up, but dedicated to your commitments, and you’ve got a great chance to build a relationship that stands the test of time.

With a Virgo partner, common goals and mutual support are the best ingredients for a fruitful partnership. This sign understands your ambitions, gives great advice, and is willing to be by your side through the ups and downs of life. You’re both practical and grounded and you understand each other’s views on life.

If you’re looking for a yin-yang type of relationship, Cancer can be the perfect match for you! You’re both loyal partners and even though you seek stability in different ways, your need for security can glue you together. This sensitive sign complements your pragmatism with their intuition, supporting you to connect more to your emotional and instinctual sides. As long as you make an effort to understand your differences, this can be a match made in Heaven!



Dear Aquarius, you can have the time of your life with a Gemini! You both have a carefree, optimistic attitude toward life and you’re open to experiencing new things. This relationship can be fun and easy; Gemini can be your best friend and your lover at the same time. Their dynamism and their observant spirit can keep you on your toes and encourage you to keep an open mind.

With a Libra, you’re in for endless conversations, fun social events, and a strong intellectual bond that makes you great partners in life and in love. This diplomatic sign can temper some of your eccentric ideas… and open-mindedly support others! You intuitively get each other and you can make a great social couple.

With a Leo, your differences are the things that bring you together! While you both value love, creativity, and authenticity, this fiery sign can complement your detached, intellectual perspective with an extra dose of passion and verve. If you keep an open mind, learn from each other, and avoid being too stubborn (too often), you can be great together! 



Dear Pisces, if you’re looking for a soul connection, Cancer has the perfect vibes for you; they understand and mirror your sensitivity and they can naturally offer you nurturing and protection. Together, you can create your safe haven, whether it’s away from the world or in the heart of everyday life.

With a Scorpio, you can create an intense connection that supports both of you to trust your intuition and to live out your craziest fantasies. This powerful sign can help you find more stability in your life and uncover your inner strength, all in a relationship that nurtures your deeply emotional nature. 

Even if Virgo’s practical nature seems to clash with your own, you two can be the perfect complementary couple! You’re both compassionate and you find fulfillment through helping those around you. Through their pragmatism and attention to detail, Virgo can help you ground yourself and manage your emotions better. Your connection can be healing and it can help both of you find a deeper sense of meaning.



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