Astro Alert: Virgo New Moon

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 06 2021

On the 6th, a beautiful Virgo New Moon opens up a new chapter in the area of work and health, supporting us with an abundance of flowing aspects that create the perfect context for a new job, a new project at work, a new diet or exercise routine, or a fresh way of valuing ourselves and appreciating our achievements.

Hard work will pay off at this time, but good things will come through lucky circumstances as well! We’re supported to shake up our routine, to see daily realities with a fresh perspective, and to work smart, trusting the flow of abundance in our lives.  Make sure to use this beautiful energy to the max by setting your intentions and visualizing the outcome you desire.

Virgo New Moon:
September 6

With detail-oriented Virgo, new beginnings have to be carefully analyzed and well-planned! This practical sign measures seven times and cuts once because she understands that good results are based on making wise decisions… and acting to make sure that dreams don’t stay dreams forever. This New Moon, we’re supported to connect to our practical side, opening up a new chapter when it comes to our daily work, routines, lifestyle, or health.

New Moons are times that support us to co-create with the Universe by reflecting, making space, and setting intentions. We can use this Moon’s energy to set SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Where do you see yourself in six months? What’s your ideal of a perfect day – responsibilities, rest, fun, self-care – and how can you move closer to that ideal, one step at a time?

Trace your plan as you meditate with this New Moon… and consider it already done. You might be thinking about choosing more fulfilling, service-oriented work, starting a new diet or exercise routine, or making more time for replenishing or healing activities. No matter what you’re starting now, detach from your inner critic and have faith that you’re able to make positive changes in your life!

The great news is that this New Moon is supported by three beautiful, flowing aspects that create perfect conditions for us to flourish. The Moon in exact trine with revolutionary Uranus turns this moment into an unconventional one, calling us to embrace change at work or in our daily routines and to dare to do things differently.

Thinking outside the box brings the best results at this time, whether it’s about finding an unexpected solution at work, being of service to others in an unconventional way, or shaking up routines by welcoming the unpredictable into our lives. Where are you called to embrace your unique way of doing things and to craft new methods and solutions? For many of us, this New Moon could bring fruitful partnerships with a purpose with the people who share our ideals.

A gritty Mars-Pluto trine supports us to work hard and to use obstacles as fuel for our efforts, while a softer aspect between love goddess Venus and expansive Jupiter can turn this New Moon into a moment of abundance and opportunity in love… and not only.

Some things are won through effort and persistence, but other goodies can come serendipitously into our lives, reminding us that we’re always supported and connected to the flow of abundance. This New Moon can bring twists and turns, the need to commit whole-heartedly to a course of action, but also the chance to start something beautiful that will stand the test of time.

An abundance of easy aspects calls us to be proactive in using the energy of this New Moon; the growth potential is there, but it asks us to take action and to step outside our comfort zones. Do something different at work, take a risk, challenge yourself to be more organized, make your well-being a priority, dare to hope for the best, open up to give and to receive love.

Don’t let yourself be tempted by passivity or resignation. This New Moon has your back! If nothing else shifts, a challenging square between lovely Venus and powerful Pluto can bring relational challenges that prompt us to make necessary changes toward more self-love and self-respect.

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces energy will feel the effects of this New Moon the most, but all of us are supported to set intentions and to reflect on how we can be more organized, responsible, brave, and accepting in the area ruled by Virgo in the birth chart. 

New Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What routines and rituals can best support my growth? What’s my vision of an ideal day?
  • In what life areas can I benefit from more order, planning, and strategic thinking?
  • What kind of work am I being called to and how can I be of service to those around me?

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