Astro Alert: Sun Is In Virgo

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on August 23 2021

On the 22nd, the Sun enters pragmatic Virgo, guiding us toward autumn:  a time of harvest when we can take stock of what this year has brought so far. We’re supported to revel in the practical side of life, focusing on our daily routines and finding ways to be of service to others through our work.

Especially around the 22nd, we’re supported to find new ways of organizing our time and to work toward our goals in a calculated, yet inspired way. We’ll be feeling more independent and active during this week and we’ll tend to see relationships through the lens of rationality and pragmatism. This is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense type of energy that can help us keep calm and get things done during this period, especially around the 23rd.

The Sun in Virgo:
August 22- September 22
Sun Enters Virgo

Virgo season is traditionally a time of harvest when we’re more attuned to the cycles of nature and more aware of the value that work has in our lives. Even if Virgo has a bad reputation for being a nitpicker, her quest for perfection is actually a search for harmony and fulfillment through dedication, repetition, and appreciation of everyday miracles. What message does your inner Virgo have for you this year?

This is a month that gives us the opportunity to check in with our daily routines and work, making changes if necessary and bringing renewed discipline and dedication to those tasks that serve us well.

Around September 6, we’ll prefer to work alone and we’re likely to seek out new solutions to old problems, making changes in standard routines and procedures, while the 14th can bring a sense of haziness or confusion that warns against chasing illusions or sacrificing our well-being for others.

Virgo has a heightened sensitivity to other people’s needs and she can put her own desires on hold for others or for a higher purpose. How can you nurture this kind of self-control right now while still honoring your boundaries?

Toward the end of the transit, our focus and determination will increase, supporting us to dig deep into the subjects that interest us and to nurture resilience in the face of obstacles. 

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