What Are Monthly Affirmations And Why Are They Important?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 14 2021

Let’s start at the beginning. What we slowly think – we become. Thoughts hold tremendous power over us and you don’t even realize it. Think of it like this, your subconscious mind has been awake every moment of your existence. And its only purpose is to record everything it hears, turn it into a routine, and to keep you in a nice, predictable loophole.


How Thought Patterns Get Formed

How Thought Patterns Get Formed

Now, don’t curse your subconscious yet - it doesn’t have ill wishes, and it most certainly doesn’t want to keep you caged. Your subconscious does what it does to keep you safe and protected. When every day is the same, and predictable, there is less stress in your life, and more room to be happy. Either way, your subconscious mind is just that - subconscious, it doesn’t think or make the decisions, it just collects your thoughts and memories, and repeats them all over again. 

Many of us, especially before we started to create our own magic were stuck in a very old loophole. Childhood traumas? Check. Emotional wounds? Check. Negative self-talk? Double-check. Needless to say, our subconscious made up a really nasty script for us - not that it was its fault or anyone at all. At that time, we just weren’t conscious of just how much power our thoughts hold over us, so we didn’t pay as much attention to those thoughts. 

When we finally realized just what the hell we’ve let to roll on repeat for so long… Well, we wanted to change that. Much like you probably want to change your script or if you prefer, your loophole from hell. However, we hit a few bumps on the road. While the whole philosophy of just thinking the opposite is pretty solid, sometimes good thoughts feel like lies.

Yes! You’ve heard that right - you know they are true, you know you deserve to be happy, but somehow those happy thoughts can feel like impostors in your mind. And it’s completely natural to face this issue, especially if you are just now becoming conscious of your own thought patterns. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it - after all, even though those old, bad, low thoughts don’t serve you, they have been so long in your subconscious mind that it will take a while to change your loophole. One of the best possible solutions to changing your script, mindset, and actually believing the new positive, beautiful, magical thoughts, is by working with affirmations.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are powerful, personalized, well-crafted, concise sentences that you repeat in your thoughts, verbally, and physically by writing them down, and by doing so, little by little you carve out a new mindset for yourself. After all, every sentence you put the words I am at the front of, is a sentence that builds up your very identity. This is why affirmations are super important for creating your own damn magic!

They help you reshape and reorganize your patterns of thinking. By overflowing yourself with positive, reassuring affirmations you will not only change the way you think, but you will also gain emotional well-being that will resonate throughout your life. 

How To Make Your Affirmation?

How To Set Affirmations

Your affirmation will always start with the words “I am” - that much is clear. The tricky part is, what do you say after those two little words? 

- Usually, we like to do a little worksheet - take a piece of paper, and a pen and draw four columns. In the first column, you will jot down the “bad” thoughts you most often have of yourself. The second one, jot down the three biggest fears about who you will become as a person.

- The third one, jot down the five best qualities you want to acquire. Finally, in the last column, jot down the three best qualities you have, but you don’t honor them enough. For example, everybody counts on me because I am a responsible person, yet I don’t view myself as one.

- Now, from the first two columns flip the bad thoughts and fears over. Focus on writing clear concise, short sentences. Then from the second two simply reformulate them to be as short as they can be, and as positive and magical as they can be. Don’t worry about going overboard on these, you are absolutely magical, gorgeous and you deserve the most magical thoughts and beliefs in your beautiful mind.

Out of the whole list, which one do you think you need to work on the most? Which one do you think is the most valuable to instill in yourself? Focus on that one, and turn it into your monthly affirmation.

How To Use Your Affirmation?

Now that you have a full list of magical affirmations, specifically crafted for you, it’s time to use them. Affirmations should be used daily, and the more you repeat them the more you change the script. However, at the beginning constantly repeating them can seem to you a little silly - but you have to keep at it. A few ways to use your affirmations are:

- Write them in your journal at least 10 times every day. Write them over and over again every day. We suggest that you take some time in the morning or the evening to write them out daily.

- Post-it notes can be powerful tools as well, jot down your affirmations on them and place them all over your home. On your work desk, bathroom mirror, kitchen, fridge, and every time you see the post-it with the affirmation, repeat it three times.

- Meditate with them - mantra meditations are an amazing way to use your affirmations. Using mala beads for meditation is a great way to enhance your affirmations. By touching each bead, repeat your affirmation, then push that bead away, and go to the next one. Repeat this process until you go through all 108 mala beads.

- Incorporate your affirmations in your morning or evening ritual - whichever you prefer, even if you have just one minute.



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