What are Crystal Wands?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 28 2018

Through the history, wands have been mentioned many times and have been used in different rituals. Specifically, a wand was an object that was believed that can focus and point energy in the wanted direction through the tip of the wand. In healing rituals and energy balancing the most often used object is a Crystal Wand. 

What exactly is a Crystal Wand?

As any wand, its purpose is to stir and focus energy. But what makes it truly special is the fact that a crystal wand is made of crystals and gemstones that come from Mother Earth. They overflow with different types of energies which makes them perfect for your healing rituals. They are usually long crystals that have one oval end and one pointy end. 

How to use Crystal Wands?

Crystals grow from their base upwards. This is how Nature energy flows through them, from the base up. Now that we are talking about energy, usually during any kind of ritual you are working with your own energy. You work on transforming or amplifying the positive vibes. In Crystal Healing with wands, things are a little different. Once you get the Crystal Wand into your hand, you are not using your own energy, you are using the Nature energy from the Universe that flows through the Crystal Wand. These are two ways of using Crystal Wands: directing and spreading.

To Direct Energy – use the pointy end of your Crystal Wand to gently focus and direct energy.
To Spread Energy – if you want to dissolve energy then use the oval end of the Crystal Wand in a clockwise circle.

How to choose the right Crystal Wand?

Each crystal and gemstone has its own energies and abilities. While some are for protection and healing some are overflowing with creative energies. They are like people – each crystal and gemstone has its own character and powers. Choosing the right Crystal Wand depends on your intentions and needs. For more details check our awesome Magical Guide into Crystals and Crystal Healing by clicking the button below.

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