USA's The Pluto Return - Rewind, Reset, Transform

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Posted on July 27 2020

The Pluto Return

On February 19, 2022, the USA will have its first-ever Pluto return, a groundbreaking moment that changes the world as we know it. Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet, its effects extend over the years before and after the return, so 2020 has already set the wheels in motion for some major transformations. Let’s find out more about the following years…

Pluto Returns: Key Moments In History

Dwarf planet Pluto follows the principle of strong essences kept in small bottles: he rules death, rebirth, power, secrets, and taboos. Just like us, each country has a birth chart and just like ours, every country’s chart has a Pluto that represents an ideology, social hierarchy, the way power is wielded, as well as a nation’s traumas, from war and destruction to social injustice and oppression.

When Pluto returns to its original position in the country’s birth chart- something that happens once every 247 years-, these issues come to the surface through groundbreaking circumstances that are meant to shake the system and leave behind any impurities, bringing radical change in the political, economic and social system. We can see some examples in nations that have been around long enough to catch a Pluto return: in 1972, when Pluto was conjunct Spain’s natal Pluto, dictator Francisco Franco relinquished power, while Pluto returns in France and Russia marked the deaths of Napoleon and Stalin.

Pluto returns are often turbulent because they bring transformation through eliminating the toxic material- ideologies, political practices, traumas- that has accumulated during a 247-year cycle.

Even though it’s not easy, flowing with the change is the best choice when it comes to Pluto. Used well, the upheavals he brings can help a country shed its old skin and find new resources as it’s being reborn. 

Pluto In Capricorn: 2008-2024

Pluto is in Capricorn in the US chart and, in the astrology of now, it’s transiting the sign of the goat until 2024.

Here, it’s bringing radical transformation in major structures of society such as governments and big businesses while redesigning the way we use power on a social level through hierarchy and workforce organization. When Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008, we had the largest recession after the Great Depression.

Now, as the lord of the underworld is getting closer to the US’ natal Pluto, we’re facing the continuation of that crisis on multiple levels. In the hard-working, ethical sign of Capricorn, this Pluto return is about sustained effort, integrity, and clear identity, fueled by a process of leaving corruption, power abuse, and discrimination behind.

The USA’s Pluto Return: February 2022

The States were born on the 4th of July 1776, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. With a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Sagittarius Ascendant, the USA have its natal Pluto in the 2nd house of finances and resources. This is telling for a nation that was built from scratch by people who wanted a different, better life for themselves. On February 19, 2022, Pluto will conjunct the country’s natal Pluto for the first time ever, marking a time of intense transformation in the areas represented by Capricorn (the government, institutions, rules, and regulations) and the 2nd house (the financial system, natural resources, values, and attitudes). 

This process has been set in motion starting with this year, something that we can clearly feel on our own skin during the recess associated with COVID-19. Capricorn in the 2nd house is a mature, steady type of energy, so during these years, we’ll be faced with challenges- especially in the areas of money, career, and reputation- that pushes us to grow up and teach us resilience. Since the 2nd house also rules values and attitudes, George Floyd’s death and the subsequent protests have brought to light a deep wound (Pluto) that can no longer be swept under the rug while people are still suffering from the effects of ignorance and hate.

Pluto brings repressed material back to the conscious mind, so during these years, we’re confronted with the pain, abuse, and discrimination that has been piling up in the country’s collective unconscious for the last 247 years. History can no longer be silent, not when it comes to matters of land, property, resources (the 2nd house) linked to privilege, judgment, and power abuses (Capricorn). We’re now questioning the values that the country was built on, prompted by the explosive energy of Pluto, the planet that doesn’t accept any compromises.

The Saturn - Pluto Conjunction

The USA’s Pluto return is amplified by a conjunction between transiting Saturn and Pluto, an astrological event associated with the transformation of current social structures, often through economic difficulties and restrictions.

Saturn ripens the karma associated with Pluto- taboos, abuse, old wounds- and urges us to take responsibility for the damage done. In the 2nd house, we can think of wounds linked to attachment, desire for money and power, or harmful attitudes toward the natural world.

The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in 1982, the year when the US went into recession. The fact that Saturn and Pluto mean serious business isn’t an easy pill to swallow, but this is the general vibe of our years: things aren’t easy. Hard times push us to work harder, to take responsibility for our own corner of the world, to shed toxic attitudes and attachments, and to focus on our long-term vision even as the world as we know it is changing at a dizzying pace.

Saturn hit the USA’s natal Pluto in February 2020, the month when COVID-19 started making itself known across the states. In February 2021, Saturn’s conjunction with the US’ South Node of karma continues a process of paying old debts and taking responsibility for what we’ve been sweeping under the rug until now. Basically, it’s another wake-up call, so we’ll be facing the 2022 Pluto return based on how much we’ll manage to process and to change the harmful realities that we’ve created until then.

Eris Square Pluto: Destruction And Rebirth

We’ve talked about Pluto’s square to Eris before, in the astrology of coronavirus article. Eris is the goddess of discord and triggers conflict, especially in the hot-blooded sign of Aries. Her lower aspect manifests as selfishness and a dog-eat-dog mentality; squared to Pluto in corporate Capricorn at the moment of America’s Pluto return, Eris warns against waging war to maximize our gains in the disadvantage of others… and against the conflict in general. 

Taking responsibility for our part of the problem and using conflict resolution tools will be paramount in the following years. Hostility won’t get us anywhere, but it’s possible for things to get worse before they get better if we keep reacting from a place of fear and separation. 

Pluto is trauma and Eris is rage, so a lot of repressed anger about past and present injustice is coming to the surface. We need to face our anger without lashing out against others, recognizing how repaying violence and judgment with more of the same only keeps us stuck in a vicious circle. The Eris-Pluto square is heavy, but we can face it with responsibility for our own spirit, finding ways to channel hurt and anger into actions that help build a different, more open-hearted, and humane kind of society.

The Pluto Return

Pluto Opposite Mercury: Digging For The Truth

Secretive Pluto opposing Mercury, the planet of communication, from 2017 to 2024, can make us prone to paranoia, suspicion, and mistrust in authorities, very possibly with good reasons as what is being communicated directly to the population might not be the entire truth. Taking our info from reliable sources and not falling for propaganda is a must during these years.

All in all, we can expect the crisis triggered by COVID-19 to go on or to intensify in the following years, influencing our work, our finances, our way of living, and pushing us to make more level-headed decisions about who is ruling us and how. Success in anything we do will come through hard work, integrity, and seeing our shadow before projecting the blame on others, and the ones who are still driven towards abuse by ego, fear, and separation will go through a serious reality check. Since it’s a long-term process, we can expect things to get worse before they get better, especially as we’re facing karmic consequences that can’t be avoided.

There’s no way to run from karma with this Pluto return, and we might face a breakdown if we keep trying. However, in the long run, I feel like this Pluto return will bring America closer to its soul. The more greed, abuse, and manipulation are uncovered, the easier it is to make conscious decisions, no longer allowing the wrong people and the wrong values to lead us. 

Being alive for the USA’s first Pluto return will be fascinating, if a little terrifying, experience, and this is what Pluto in Capricorn does best: he spins the world around so no stone is left unturned, and if we dare to leave behind the shadows of the past, he helps us find new light. 

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