Word Of The Week – The Sun: Ruler of Leo

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 28 2020

We have finally entered Leo season, full of new opportunities to create our own damn magic! The only question now is, what does Leo bring, and in which fields of your life is the right time to create magic and manifest? To answer that, we have to learn more about Leo, and what type of energy is driving Leo forward. Usually, each sign is being pushed forward by the planet that governs that zodiac sign, in Leo’s case, that’s the powerful, invigorating, Sun!

We’re sure that the very mention of the Sun being a planet might be a strange concept for you. However although in science the Sun is a star, in astrology the Sun represents a planet that based on the position in which it was placed during your birth governs an aspect of yourself, that is revealed and described in your natal chart. During your life, the Sun enters different zodiac signs every month, and as it does so it also brings different energy your way, awakening each tiny part of the zodiac signs within you. But, what does the Sun really govern? Let’s start with Leo first:

Leo is represented by the symbol of the lion which represents self-confidence, leadership, power, and vitality.

Leo is known as a sign of empowerment, which is why they are usually very outgoing, energetic people, unafraid to express themselves.

In the current situation, because of the quarantine and the new safety measures, your inner Leo has probably had a very tough time, and you probably suppressed your inner Leo a lot. But, now it’s time to learn how to properly get in tune with your inner Leo, and harness its energy and strength to propel your life forward. And right now, with this beautiful energy for moving forward – finally after a year of setbacks and stress, we will finally be manifesting our own damn magic! Are you excited?

The fierce energy of Leo comes mostly from the planet that rules Leo – the Sun. In astrology, the Sun is a planet, and it’s the planet that represents vitality, life energy, stability, and passion. It’s the planet that never goes retrograde, which is why Leos are always focused stable and ready to tackle their goals. Because the Sun also represents masculine energy, it’s no wonder that Leo is always in touch with their masculine energy which is why this is the perfect time to get in touch with the divine masculine inside you. This powerful, yet very steady and logical energy also comes from the fire’s energy as well since Leo is a fire sign. The fire element brings enthusiasm, self-confidence, courage, and creativity.

In different mythology, the Sun is known and represented as a god of creation. The Sun in astrology is the epitome of the divine masculine within you, inner drive, ambition, and power which are all needed when you strive to create your own damn magic.

When we talk about masculine energy what we mean is not that the masculine energy is somehow connected to gender – it’s just what the right side energy of your body is called.

If you struggle with this notion, just think about it like this – the chakras don’t have a gender, they are just energy centers, right? The same applies to masculine energy!

The masculine energy within you is guided by the Sun and action. This energy is all about investing the energy you received from your feminine side into creating your own reality, it’s about taking action and self-actualization. It’s about taking everything the Universe has given you, transforming it, shaping it, enhancing it, and building it up.

To learn more about what expects you during this period, check out your weekly and monthly horoscope, and if you want to learn more about the influence of every planet has over you check your natal chart.

Tune in to our blog to create magic during Leo Season! We have A LOT to share with you!



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