Uranus Goes Direct in Taurus on January 22, 2023

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 18 2023

Since August 24, changemaker Uranus has been retrograde in grounded Taurus, challenging us to reconsider our values, our view on finances, and our relationship with the natural world. As all retrogrades, this transit has been an invitation to go within and work on our mindset, making changes from within before manifesting them in our daily lives. What has changed in your attitude toward money, possessions, and attachments in the past five months? How has your relationship with your body changed since last August?

From 2018 to 2026, Uranus in Taurus brings major shifts, innovations, and – hopefully – improvements linked to the financial system, the energy sector, and the environmental crisis. In all things Taurus, it’s impossible to prevent or slow down inevitable changes during these years. 

On a personal level, this process might look different for each of us: while some might embrace new currencies and make bold investments, others might struggle to make ends meet during difficult times. Some of us are reconnecting with the natural world, perhaps thinking of buying a home in the countryside, while others are rediscovering the wisdom of their physical bodies. 

If the months between August 24 and January 22 have brought a process of introspection and reconsideration marked by inner shifts and powerful insights, Uranus direct gives us the oomph to turn these insights into reality and start making concrete changes in our lives. If you’ve been developing a skill or planning an innovative project, you might finally feel ready to share your progress with the world! If you’ve been planning to spend more time in nature or connect with your body through daily practices and rituals, you can feel extra motivated to take action after January 22. Whatever new idea or project has been cooking in the shadows since August is now ready to take form.

For many of us, Uranus direct is an invitation to release the fear of judgment or rejection and show our true colors. If the past months have brought moments of insight and awareness that helped you realize that you are free to express yourself as you are, this positive feeling can intensify as Uranus goes direct, supporting you to break barriers and set a positive example for authenticity and self-love.

Between January 21 and 24, when Uranus appears to be at a standstill, we can feel like we’re getting unstuck in a particular life area, we can have extra courage to do things our way, or we can experience outer events that amplify the unique flavor of this eccentric planet: unexpected changes, opportunities to step outside our comfort zone, chances to connect with our soul tribe, or situations that call for an open-minded attitude. Our tip: meditate with the Road Opener 7 Day Candle to make the most of this transit’s effervescent, forward-moving energy!

Uranus direct & you

As Uranus goes direct, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can finally feel free to make the professional or financial changes they’ve been thinking of! If you’re a fire sign, this transit encourages you to move forward with an extra dose of authenticity and resourcefulness in your career.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can benefit from this transit the most: if you’re an earth sign, you can connect with a sense of unlimited potential and you can feel energized to break internal or external barriers in your life around January 22. Trust your intuition and follow your creative spark.

For Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, Uranus direct facilitates a process of inner transformation. If you’re an air sign, pay attention to your dreams and your hunches around January 22: you might receive unexpected messages from the divine and you might find it easier to break free from past conditioning at this time.

Finally, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are called to embrace positive changes in their relationships and partnerships after January 22. If you’re a water sign, Uranus direct can give you an extra dose of courage to speak your truth and move forward with the people who understand and appreciate your crazy.  



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