Candle Colors And Their Meaning

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 30 2023

If you're anything like us, you might LOVE candles.  They are awesome for practical reasons like scenting your home or just for decorations but they can also greatly aid your spiritual development and practices.  Also, candles can be super helpful when you need to focus during meditation or send your intentions into the Universe. When it comes to picking candles, most of use just use our intuition to guide us to what we need in that moment.  But, we are big believers in knowledge being powerful so we wanted to share with you a little more about the significance of candles and their colors.  Ready for it?

Understanding the significance of each candle color will only help you to better achieve your goals.  Picking a color that doesn't fully align with your goals is okay and definitely not the end of the world, but it sure doesn't hurt to pick one that aligns more closely with your purpose.  Every color possible has a unique purpose and vibrational frequency.  Since us humans are constantly sending out vibes with our thoughts and actions, we can heighten the intensity of this frequency by using that color.  Cool, right?  This is the color of the candle you plan to burn with intention comes in.  Each candle that is in a different color, with its own unique purpose. Let’s say that you want some peaceful time to relax. You might want to go for a lavender colored candle to help you do this.  Remember, it's not a big deal if you use the wrong color, but the thought is you will bring in the vibration of the color that you are lighting.  So, if you wanted to relax and lit a red candle, you might find that you don't feel relaxed at all.  You might feel quite the opposite as red would encourage excitement and passion.  Saving that red candle for when you need to start a new project would probably help you better utilize that energy.  Catch our, drift?

What does each candle color mean?

White – Purity and Peace.
These candles are awesome when it comes to banishing negative energy.  White also is a multi-use candle option.  If you aren't sure what energy you are wishing to pull in, use a white candle.  It's void of color so it should do the trick with just about anything you want to manifest. Check out our white candles now!

Green – Money and Prosperity.
If you want to attract some money, prosperity or have some stroke of financial luck, then these candles are awesome for that purpose! Here are our favorite green candles.

Red – Passion and Love Energy.
If you want to spice up your sex life or attract some well-being in your love relationships, then red candles are the best choice!  Plus these are great for starting a new project or creative pursuit.  It will pump up your energy to get the juices flowing so you can kick procrastination bye bye. These are the red candles you'll want to check out.

Yellow – Joy, Happiness and Luck.
If you want a little boost of happiness or joy then yellow candles are the right way to go.  Think of how the sunshine feels on your skin on a warm sunny day.  That's all that yellow, baby! Check out our yellow manifestation candles.

Blue – Meditation and Calm.
If you want to have some awesome meditation sessions or attract overall positive energy in your life, then blue and deep blue candles are awesome for that purpose!  Imagine how being by a beautiful beach, laying on the sand feels.  These are our favorite blue candles.

Lavender – Peace, and Healing.
If you want to make some peaceful and relaxing atmosphere or have some healing energy help your body and soul, then lavender candles are awesome for that purpose. Here are our lavender candles.

Orange – Ambition.
Who doesn't need a bit of ambition every now and again.  Orange helps us to get to it, especially if we were feeling down at some point.  Also, this is a great color for mending of relationships and bringing folks closer together. Check out our orange manifestation candles.

Black – Protection.
If you want to protect yourself from negative energies or have a tool that will destroy them, black candles are perfect for that purpose. These are all the black candles.

We hope that with this magical candle color guide we have helped you to use the appropriate candles for any situation or intention!  We know there are a lot more colors than this and plan to make an extended list soon!



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