New Moon in Aquarius on January 21, 2023

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 16 2023

This year’s Aquarius season kicks off with a powerful New Moon, a moment to embrace the unexpected and embark on a new life chapter where authenticity, innovation, and awareness are our main motivators. Particularly in the life area ruled by Aquarius in the birth chart, we’re invited to expand our horizons by doing something different and gaining a novel perspective on familiar situations. What would you do if family and social approval had no importance in your life? Where would your soul’s essence lead you?

Moving beyond the ordinary

As one of the last signs of the zodiac, Aquarius has the gift of seeing the trials and tribulations of the previous ten signs with awareness and whimsical detachment. If we imagine the entire zodiac wheel as a journey, we can think of Aries as a newborn child with stars in his eyes, of Virgo as the youth on his first day of work, of Sagittarius as the adventurer who moves beyond the world he’s known all his life, and of Aquarius as the wiseman who has lived enough to separate himself from the collective dream and pursue his own path. 

Because January’s New Moon takes place in the second degree of this innovative sign, it activates the pure, unfiltered Aquarius archetype: the rebel, the innovator, the social justice fighter, the visionary who is open to new possibilities, even if his ideas might sound crazy to others. No matter who you are, you either have planets in Aquarius or a house (a life area) marked by this sign in your birth chart: this is where the New Moon brings a new lease of life, a new door to open, a chance to take a risk and trust your magic.

Pay attention to what is shifting in your life at this time and set an intention to stay open to different possibilities. With “An unexpected thunderstorm” as the Sabian Symbol of the New Moon degree and with Uranus, the planet of sudden change, turning direct on the 22nd, many of us can be taken by surprise by January’s developments. Whether the (metaphorical) tempest is happening in your outer world (perhaps a change in your job or relationships, a new opportunity, a chance to grow) or in your inner universe (a freeing insight, a flash of awareness, or a crazy idea), January 6 is the perfect time to release expectations and dance with the storm.

Tension and release

There’s something special about this New Moon: although it forms a conjunction with transformative Pluto in Capricorn, one of the heaviest influences in the current astrological landscape, it takes place in Aquarius, a sign of freedom, liberation, and awareness. After going through difficult times or triggering moments in the past months, we can finally feel ready to move on to brighter days – not despite what we’ve been through, but with the added wisdom and resilience that we’ve developed.

The New Moon can trigger emotions and wounds that we usually sweep under the rug, supporting us to sit quietly with our pain and allow its message to come through, but the energy of Aquarius also brings the promise of healing through positive action. Because this sign is all about knowledge, progress, and community, some of us might start an innovative project at this time, while others could connect with their soul tribe or take up a new journey to expand their consciousness. 

Pluto, the planet of transformation, can bring changes in our friendships, our group allegiances, and our plans for the future, encouraging us to release the old and make space for the new. In this process of tension and release, life can guide us to let go in situations where we’ve been holding on too tightly. We might have to confront a few inner demons and process uncomfortable emotions along the way, but the Universe is inviting us to go through this journey of initiation as a stepping stone on our path.

The good news is that the New Moon forms easy aspects with Jupiter, the planet of growth and luck, and Mars, the planet of action and courage. In the past months, progress has been slow and our usual oomph for life has been replaced with a call to reflect, reconsider, and rest, all courtesy of Mars retrograde. With Mars finally direct, we’re now feeling revitalized and ready for action! 

Our tip: during an Aquarius New Moon, nothing is impossible! For your New Moon ritual, set your intentions with the Soy Herbal Filled Votive Manifest A Miracle Candle and dare to believe in the best possible outcome of the situation you’re envisioning.

Authenticity and belonging

Aquarius is a paradoxical sign: it rules groups and communities, but it’s also a symbol of individualism and freedom. Aquarians seek acceptance, but they often define themselves in contrast with the crowd. In opposition to Black Moon Lilith, January’s New Moon can bring a feeling of liberation regarding our need for social approval and an opportunity to grow by embracing our authentic selves.

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith speaks about our fears (especially our fear of rejection), our subconscious reactions, and our potential to become free and empowered by integrating our shadow side. Her opposition with the Aquarius Sun and Moon can trigger our insecurities, especially in situations where we’re observed and evaluated by others. 

Around the New Moon, we might notice a few extreme manifestations of these insecurities: when we don’t feel like we deserve to be seen, we can automatically protect ourselves by trying to make sure that there’s no way others will miss us. One defense mechanism that can be amplified during the New Moon is narcissistic behavior. For others, the wound of insecurity can manifest as social anxiety or as a tendency to rebel against the norm in a radical way, trying to gain freedom, but actually deepening the wound of separation.  

To stop these fears from running the show from the backstage, the New Moon calls us to notice them and bring them to the light. When we’re radically honest with ourselves, we can start to embrace all that we are, accept what makes us different, and bring our creative gifts into the world without shame. How are you learning to trust your uniqueness this Aquarius New Moon? Where are you building up the courage to break free from pre-established patterns and own your imperfections, your wild side, and your deep passion for the causes you believe in?

Those of us with planets around the 2nd degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius can feel the influence of the New Moon the most, but all signs are growing in awareness and embracing a new, innovative beginning in the life area ruled by Aquarius in the birth chart.

New Moon Journal Prompts:

What family or social conditioning am I ready to let go of so I can become a more authentic version of myself?

How can I fulfill my need for community and belonging at this time and how can I focus on creating a new future with my soul tribe in the following six months?

After a few months of rest and reconsideration, where am I ready to move forward with renewed enthusiasm?



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