The Tenth Astrology House - Aiming for the stars

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 12 2018

What is your life's purpose? Your calling? Your mission? Do you wonder what is your role in this modern world? Well, if you have been wondering it's definitely time to check up the tenth astrology house - the house of ambition and higher purpose. The tenth astrology house is where you aim for the stars, you climb the career and social status ladder, you are working hard on achieving your dreams. You are a fully grown and shaped person, trying to make your own magic when you arrive at the tenth astrology house.

The Tenth Astrology House begins with the Midheaven: the highest southern point at the time of your birth. The Midheaven speaks about realizing your innate potential and fulfilling your personal mission. After extended study and growth (in the 9th astrology house), it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use and build a career, ascend on the social ladder and create a public image that represents who you truly are. Hard work and perseverance are the names of the game here, as a solid and honest social position can only be based on genuine effort.

This is more than “the daily grind” and the need to make ends meet: it’s where we dare to dream big, even when reality seems to limit us. The determination to overcome obstacles leads to a strong sense of self as we establish our own inner authority based on our true values, skills, and ambitions. Ultimately, we project this authority outwards, building the authentic image of someone who is the master – as much as possible- of their own life.

Since hierarchy is a part of the social order, the tenth astrology house represents external authority as well, so here we find our bosses, as well as one of the parents (usually, the parent who was away from home and brought money into the house). Take a look at your 10th astrology house sign and planet placements to find out what type of career best helps you fulfill your mission, how your public image can help you express yourself and how you deal with authority figures.



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