The ninth astrology house- Is this all there is?!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 28 2018

Hello everyone!

It's time to continue our journey through the Astrology Houses. Today we have reached the ninth astrology house - the house of exploration. Once you had your fun in the previous astrology houses and achieved your purposes in life, what is there left to do? Does it mean that it ends here and now, and you are supposed to continue working every day, stuck in the same monotone life? Of course not! While the ninth astrology house brings these emotions to you, they are only to push you a little forward in life.

Okay, so we had our fun, got employed, settled down … now what? This is the question that the 9th house asks us as the world we know suddenly becomes too confining. We want to explore, to learn more, to find out new ways of seeing reality beyond the cultural expectations that have been guiding our life until now. The 9th house marks the uncharted territory of foreign countries, the intellectual pursuit of academia and the wide-eyed excitement of spiritual journeys. In short, the quest for knowledge, truth, and self-growth.

College, as well as courses and seminars that we choose to attend, are some of the ways to reach the 9th house goal. Traveling is another route- not only for entertainment but with the purpose of transcending our cultural pattern and opening our minds to different ways of living and of thinking. Finally, the 9th house is the House of God: here we follow organized religious practices, attend spiritual groups and meet with our spiritual teacher. However, not everyone chooses such a path.

The 9th house is also the house of philosophy, ethics, and law. Its purpose is to find meaning, be it through establishing a spiritual path or a secular ideology, and to promote order, be it through universal law or social law. Take a look at the sign and the planets in your 9th house to answer some of these questions: What kind of exploration can best help you grow? How do you approach academic life? What’s your traveling style? What ideology or spiritual path suits you best and what kind of teachers inspire you?

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