The sixth Astrology house- Tidy & useful

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 29 2018

Hello everyone! 
On this magical journey through the astrology houses, we have reached the sixth astrology house. If you were wondering what the
sixth astrology house is all about, then we have so much information to share with you. When you are a teenager there slowly comes a transition in your life. One day your parents are taking care of you, and the next one you are off into the world giving your contribution to society. In other words, you transform from a carefree person into someone with newfound responsibilities. And that is all what the sixth astrology house is about.

Back in the day, people had to start apprenticeships in their teens, preparing to be of service to society from a young age. Nowadays apprenticeship is too fancy of a word, but teenagers still have house chores, homework, small jobs and later on, internships. The 6th house heralds an end to a carefree, hedonistic life and starts building the base for a responsible involvement in society. This stage speaks about the daily grind, relationships with work colleagues, as well as about daily routines, health habits and your health state itself. The small details of how we choose to live day by day can affect our health in subtle ways, and we’re all too familiar with the wear and tear effects of stress on the body and on the mind.

An integrated 6th house means that you found a suitable way to be of service to society, while also fulfilling your own expectations, needs, and dreams when it comes to working. It also means that you’re able to enjoy daily life and establish routines (healthy eating, exercise, meditation, and others) that support your well-being rather than hinder it. How can you be of service to the world? How can you work from dedication more than from duty? What kind of daily routines best support your health? Look at the sign and the planets in your 6th house to find out!

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