Book of the Week - Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 27 2018

Hello everyone!

How are you today? Excited? Escatic? Because we are excited! We have done our research to give you the most amazing, magical books just for you. This week we have a book like no other - Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise. And if you have been searching for the secret of success, then you might have stumbled on it, just now. Igniting your magic takes more than wishful thinking, it requires action as well. And Mini Habits is here to help you take that action to change your life. It is here to teach you a very important lesson.

Often, when you set your goals after a while life takes over, and you seem to fall behind on everything. Suddenly, there is no time for your goal. Either way, it seems like an everyday occurrence. Someone gives up on something they love. And so did Mister Guise. He had a very specific goal in his mind, and somehow he was failing. Then, he made the goal so small, it was ridiculous not to do it. He wanted to lead a healthier life and achieve the body of his dreams. But, as he was working out the goal seemed further out of reach than before. Then he set up a goal to do one push-up every day.

And today, he looks like a movie star! So, what he suggests is not to have one goal in mind and think of it as the ultimate win when you achieve it. Instead, make mini goals that will turn into mini habits. These mini-goals work because you are not wishing that one day you will be happy because you achieved something. But, rather they make you happy because every day you get something done. Yes, it's tiny, perhaps insignificant, but at the end of the day, you are one step further in life than you were yesterday. And nothing can beat that feeling!

If you are looking for a fresh perspective and a new way to achieve something, then do it with mini-habits! Definitely recommending it for your magical books set!

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Be happy, but never satisfied.

Stephen Guise



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