Rose Quartz: Manifesting Infinite Love

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 31 2018

Wondering about how to attract your soulmate? Or maybe you want to manifest the self-love and self-respect that you deserve? Either way, you just want the Law of Attraction to kick in already and give you some of the love that you have been sending out. Well, you are in luck! The Law of Attraction sure works in mysterious ways because it brought you here, to learn all about Rose Quartz – the crystal of unconditional and infinite love in the crystal world. Nourishing and gentle, Rose Quartz is definitely the best buddy for attracting love in your life that you can have!

What is Rose Quartz’s Meaning?

Rose Quartz is one of the crystals that was used from the dawn of humanity. Wherever you go, in whatever history you look, Rose Quartz pops up. And it’s not strange at all. Even as far as 600 b.c. it was well known as a talisman of relationships. Whether it is attracting self-love, your soulmate or just nourishing your relationships with friends and family, Rose Quartz is the crystal you were looking for. Also known as the Heart Crystal because it can establish a connection with your Heart Chakra – The Anahata. Through that connection, it slowly but surely helps you achieve personal fulfillment and contentment. The fulfilling life you always wanted to lead, is just a step away from you! See? The Law of Attraction works! And it is time to turn the odds in your favor now.

What are the benefits of using Rose Quartz?

Energy Signature – Rose Quartz is probably one of the most soothing crystals in the crystal world. It radiates with compassionate, nourishing, gentle energy. In a way, Rose Quartz offers you the calmness and support you always needed in your life.

Balancing the Heart Chakra – Anahata, the Heart Chakra is the center of loving and caring energy in your body. It serves as a balancer between the other chakras, and much like rose quartz offers support. They connect instantly and bring balance to your life.

Nourishing your relationships – Whatever kind of relationships you have in your life, Rose Quartz will nourish them and keep them healthy. The soothing energy it shares with you will spread into the bonds you form with other people making them stronger than ever.

Attracting Love – When you have a Rose Quartz with you, somehow love finds your way into every part of your life. Random acts of kindness will start working their way into your life, showing you how magical this world can be.

Achieving Self-Love – Loving yourself is even more important than loving others. By having rose quartz by your side you will always be able to see your worth and appreciate it.
Finding your Soulmate – Your soulmate is out there. And rose quartz will lead you to them. Sure, it might be a bumpy ride, but rose quartz is the only compass you need in the world of love.

Manifesting fulfillment – Leading a more fulfilling life is the dream of every person on this Earth. While you might have a different thought in mind for fulfillment in life than the rest of the world, you are still going to achieve it with the help of rose quartz.

Improves Creativity – While you are teamed up with rose quartz, expect creative energy bursts all the time. You can also say goodbye to writer's block!

Awakens sensuality – If you are looking for some more loving, gentle energy between the sheets, rose quartz can help you to awaken your sensuality.

Emotional well-being – Rose Quartz is excellent if you are looking to improve your emotional well-being. Healing takes time and helps as well. Let Rose Quartz help you with its healing properties.

Rose Quartz – Healing Properties

Rose Quartz has so many benefits that it’s hard to keep track of them. But, the most significant one is definitely the healing properties. Rose Quartz connects directly with your Hearth Chakra. Its energy goes into every nook and cranny of your Anahata and soul. It nourishes them, and no matter what heartbreak you have experienced in your life rose quartz will help you mend those wounds. And even better, it will help you absolutely heal them and grow into a better version of yourself.

Rose Quartz and the Law of Attraction

Leading a more fulfilling life is the root of all desires and goals in the world. In a way, the purpose behind them all is to feel fulfillment in your life. And when you pursue every goal in your life, the Law of Attraction bounces back to you what you send out. If you were looking for fulfillment, then this is it! The Law of Attraction is reaching out to you, trying to give you the help and boost you need by showing you the power of rose quartz. The Law of Attraction and Rose Quartz go hand in hand, ultimately uncovering the road to the fulfilling life you always wanted to lead.

How to use Rose Quartz?

The best way to use your Rose Quartz is to program your intentions into it. First, cleanse it with sage or clear quartz and then, you can plant your intentions into your Rose Quartz. Then it’s ready to go. You can wear it wherever you go or you can use it in your crystal healing and meditation sessions. The most important thing is to try and connect with it on an emotional level while planting your intentions. 

Where to buy the best Rose Quartz?

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