The Differences Between A Psychic Reading And Spiritual Reading

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Posted on November 13 2020

The term spiritual reading is often confused as the same as a psychic reading. Since both are usually sought out by people to help shape their lives, it is understandable that people can become confused by the two. Here we will discuss the similarities and differences between psychic and spiritual readings and how they both can benefit you. 


Spiritual Readings

The first difference between the two is that a spiritual advisor conducts a spiritual reading to help you change who you are, while a  psychic reading tells you the path you are on. A spiritual advisor is someone who guides and directs someone in their search for spiritual growth.  The thought is that all human beings have a spiritual side that they have a hard time understanding. 


A spiritual advisor understands the spiritual world, has extensive spiritual training, and understands how to explain and help others get in touch with their spiritual world. Below are a few benefits of seeking out a spiritual advisor. 


  • Self-empowerment: People who are unsure of themselves and their decisions will benefit from seeing a spiritual advisor. By helping them grow in spirituality, they will find spiritual readings make them become more confident in their lives.

  • Finding a higher self: We have all wondered if this is all there is. Our lives can seem mundane and unimportant at times. By having a reading with a spiritual advisor, you will find that you have a purpose in life and that you are important to that purpose.

  • Learn to create your own future: Here may be one of the biggest differences between a psychic reading and a spiritual one. With a psychic reading, you will learn about future events that are on your path. With spiritual readings, you will learn how to create the future you want by learning about your spiritual needs. These latter readings will allow you to choose the life you want and therefore change your future.

  • Need more interaction: Another requirement of spiritual reading is that the person having the reading must be much more interactive with the spiritual advisor. Participation creates openness and self-reflection that is needed for you to attain a higher self and learn to live in-tune with spiritual life. In other words, the spiritual advisor will not simply give you advice. They will help you see and understand for yourself. How spiritual you become is up to you.

  • Spiritual readings are more emotional: A spiritual advisor-client will find after several sessions that the experience can bring out many emotions. These emotions can be negative or positive but do not worry. Your spiritual guide will work with you to understand these emotions and make sense of why you are feeling them.

  • It provides healing: Lastly, spiritual readings can provide healing powers. By helping you get in-tune with your mind and spirit, you will find that these sessions can help you heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Psychic Readings

The other type of reading we are discussing is that of a psychic. Psychic readings differ from spiritual readings in a few ways. People confuse the two because they are sometimes given out from the same business or are advertised together. One way to think of them is that they can go hand in hand and even be performed by a single person. While different, they can complement each other. Let’s take a look at what is entailed in a psychic reading. 


  • It does not need as much interaction: A psychic reading does not require your interaction as much as spiritual readings. In fact, a psychic will be able to read your future regardless if you are in front of them, on the phone, or tell them anything about yourself.

  • It is about a path you are on: As discussed before, a psychic reading will allow you to see the path you are currently on. If you seek counseling from a spiritual advisor and then seek out a psychic a year later, you may well find that the destiny path that you were on has changed.

  • The tools are different: While interaction is the main tool in a spiritual reading, psychic readings will use others to determine readings. Tarot cards, palm readings, numerology, crystals, and astrology are a few tools that may be used by a psychic to give you a proper reading.


Using Both to Your Benefit

Both spiritual and psychic readings should be used to create a better life for yourself. Psychic readings tend to be more superficial and can let you know where you have been and what possible outcomes are in store for you in life.

They are also a good guideline or milestone marker in your life to determine if the change is wanted or needed. Spiritual readings can help guide you in the changes you want to make in your life by helping you get in touch with your higher self and create the changes you want.

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