Tips For Creating Your Meditation Room

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Posted on November 12 2020

Meditating is a way of connecting with yourself and understanding your body and your surroundings. You learn to find peace of mind, reflect on your daily actions, and live in the present. If you have already decided to meditate every day as part of your daily routine, or you simply want to explore new techniques that can help you with your relaxation or feel better about yourself; Here you will find some tips on how to create your own space and be able to start with this beneficial activity.

Choose A Space

It can be your favorite place at home, where you like to spend more time, or simply where you think you can concentrate and feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also decide whether it is indoors or outdoors. If you are outside and are a beginner, keep in mind that many factors can distract you, especially nature’s noises. Still, if you feel that this will not affect your concentration, you should consider doing your meditation outdoors.

Organize Your Space

For our concentration to not be affected and your energy flows better, you must be in a room with a lot of light (natural light) or a space in your garden that gets light, and you feel comfortable. Whether you are inside or outside your home, this space must be clean and organized. Being in an environment that is not entirely clean or orderly can cause you anxiety, which will not help you focus on yourself while meditating. Also, consider if you want to meditate during the day or night.

Many people prefer to do it during the day to start the day with good vibes and energy, and others like it at night because they no longer have pending activities and do it before bed, and it also helps them reflect on their day. It depends on what you feel is what you need.

Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils can help you relax or reduce anxiety when meditating. The most widely used essential oil is lavender, which you can mix with other oils to relax and stay focused. You apply a few drops to your diffuser so that the smell spreads throughout the room. If you are outdoors, I do not recommend using them since you will not enjoy the aroma.

It is also important to emphasize that you do not need to use essential oils to meditate. Meditation, with practice, you must be able to do it wherever you want as long as you feel comfortable. You do not need external agents to depend on. If you do not have essential oils and do not want to invest in them, open the window and let nature enter and renew the air and enjoy your surroundings.


There are many options online so you can buy specific furniture to meditate, from unique chairs to cushions. The question is, are they essential? No, they are not. If you have a matt or just a chair, you can use that, remember that the important thing is that you feel comfortable when meditating.

If you want to invest in specific furniture to practice meditation, remember to try them before and see if they will be comfortable and useful. Also, keep in mind that the fewer things you have around you, the better this way, the energy flows, and the moment you feel more connected.

Color Palette

Neutral colors will be your best friends. Think of colors that bring you peace and attract light; this will help you feel relaxed in a few minutes. Neutral colors help make your space look more spacious and also cleaner, avoiding visual congestion.


To give your space your touch, you can decorate it with elements, such as fabrics, cushions, candles, indoor plants, glass elements, or paintings.

Suppose your meditation space is in your garden. In that case, you can create a beautiful area with some white fabrics hanging from a tree or make it in the shape of a tent where you could add some cushions so that after meditating, you simply enjoy being in your garden. If you do not have essential oils or a diffuser, an excellent option is scented candles, giving you that feeling of coziness, which will help you feel more comfortable.


Remember that the simpler, the better. Creating your own meditation space is one more step towards meditating or simply making an activity that is productive and beneficial for you, which I’m sure you will love.

Enjoy the moment and what you do, and focus a few minutes a day on yourself. Namaste!

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