Word Of The Week - Spring Equinox 

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 31 2020

Hello, gorgeous! 

Spring is here! A couple of days ago, the Spring Equinox came upon us, and we can still feel the magical energy of it! Did you know that the Spring Equinox has a much deeper meaning, other than announcing spring?

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Spring Equinox

As we all know, per year we always have two Equinoxes - Winter And Spring Equinox. In Astrology, both equinoxes have a very important meaning. While the Winter Equinox signifies the end of a cycle, the Spring Equinox signifies the beginning of a new cycle. Although we are used to our new cycles, to begin with, the start of the New Year, the reality is that our new cycle begins with the Spring Equinox. 

This is the period when the energy is right to start everything new. Furthermore, something even more important enhances this energy - each year the Spring Equinox starts in the sun sign of Aries. The fiery Aries energy is filling the air, making us bolder, filled with more energy, self-confident, creative and ready to get things under control in our lives.

But what does that all mean with the current situation? How are you supposed to act, and move forward when the whole world is in chaos, and you are quarantined at home?

Well, there are a lot of ways to utilize the energy of the Sring Equinox and move forward in life. Although this situation is dreadful, there is an upside. You can use the time, that you usually wouldn't have and invest it into improving yourself and figuring yourself out.

The reality is that we were all way out of touch with ourselves for way too long. We were welcoming the overwhelming amount of work, and tasks, as a distraction and an excuse to remain as far away possible from ourselves. And now you are stuck at home, in quarantine, panicked and anxious about everything that is happening in the world. But is that the whole source of your anxiety, or, perhaps a part of it also caused by being forced to face yourself every day?

The energy is right for getting into action, but not by going out and conquering the world. Instead, it's by going inwards, working out things with yourself, and finding your inner peace and strength. It's the only way to move forward at a time like this.

3 Best Rituals To Do During The Spring Equinox

Here are a few ideas for activities and rituals that you should do during the Spring Equinox:

Starting A Journal

The best way to explore yourself and to let off all the stress and anxiety pilled up is by starting your own journal. You can write down your thoughts, your dreams, anything that comes to mind. Thoughts come and go, and while they might seem legitimate in our minds, when they are out there in the open, written down on a piece of paper, you can be more objective about them. The best way to explore yourself is to start a journal, and each week to re-read your past thoughts. Now, this is where the progress begins. 

You can map out your thoughts after some time, and work on figuring out what emotions do these thoughts stir? Where do they begin? What kind of negative baggage do they bring? How can you transform them? 

You can also try to focus on creating your own affirmations in this process. For example, if you often find yourself with the thoughts of being unworthy, then the best way to break off this pattern is to craft a personalized affirmation that you will repeat until you break off that particular thought pattern. If you aren't feeling a lot of creative, a simple affirmation that is the opposite of your negative thought - 'I am worthy.' will do. Of course, it's hard to change a thought pattern on repetition alone, which is why it's important to believe your affirmation. You can do that by listing down a few logical reasons why that thought pattern is not true, and a few reasons why you are worthy to make you more accepting of your new affirmation.

Creating A Vision Board For Self-Improvement

Vision boards are the best way to remind yourself every day on what you should be working on, what you should be doing to improve. Creating your own vision board for self-improvement during the Equinox can be an amazing way to put things into perspective, and figure yourself out. We love Anna's way of splitting your life into categories and figuring out the best you. You can check her short, yet very insightful and helpful video here to learn how to create an amazing visual board for self-improvement!

Setting A Manifestation Altar

An even better way to boost your self-improvement is to get together all the tools that you might need for creating your own altar. Healing tools such as crystals, candles with intentions, sound healing tools, and cleansing tools can help you break off your past patterns and to create new better ones more easily.

And the best part is that you don't have to invest a lot of money to create your own altar - just a few tools can help you overcome a lot of issues. For example, a Calm AF kit has everything you might need to create your mini altar for calmness and clarity, that can both help you overcome anxiety and stress in the current situation, and help you improve yourself.

We hope that these tips will help you to utilize the energy of the Spring Equinox!



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