AngieB's Podcast Featuring Shereen Campbell

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 31 2020

A little magic can take you a long way.

Roald Dahl

A couple of years ago, right before the My Little Magic Shop was born, our founder Shereen Campbell realized that she wasn’t happy with her life. She advanced in her career, she had a nice job, a nice place, people who loved her, but something was missing. She wasn’t happy. And that revelation pushed her into thinking what she needed to do for herself to discover what would make her happy.

It’s a hard realization, that many of us, as we sit in our warm little homes, panicked and anxious during these dire times, come upon. It’s easy to go day to day, doing things, keeping yourself busy to escape that reality, but when you are forced to be all alone with yourself and your thoughts, you can’t really escape yourself.

These are horrible times, but even from the worst, something good can come out. That’s how Shereen created her own magic. And even now, in your home, you can either use your time to dwell in anxiety and stress, or you can create your own damn magic!

In Angie B’s podcast Shereen answers a lot of questions that might interest you such as:

  • How did Shereen create her own damn magic?

  • What Is Magic?

  • How was MLMS created?

  • What Is Going On With 2020? It's Nuts! What Is Happening?

  • What Is A Saturn Return?

  • What Is An Eclipse?

  • Why Is Mercury Retrograde NOT a bad thing?

aaaaaaand so much more! Check out her podcast over here or below!



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