3 Self Care Rituals You Can Do In 5 Minutes or Less

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 06 2019

Who said self-care rituals have to take a lot of time? You can take care of yourself in small and big ways, in time-consuming and in non-time-consuming ways, but that doesn’t reduce the significance or the efficiency of the method. Whenever stress hits you hard, or you are feeling more emotional than usual, take five minutes or less off whatever you are doing so that you can focus on these simple, yet powerful self-care rituals:

Give Yourself The Love You Deserve

The best way to take care of yourself is through accepting and loving every part of yourself. Although it’s not easy to accept everything about yourself, self-love and self-acceptance are crucial for making peace with yourself. And once things settle within you, love will help you awaken your magic. Whenever you feel like you are stressed out, or feeling more emotional than usual, all you need to do is to remind yourself and surround yourself with the love you deserve. Which is why this 5-minute ritual does wonders whenever and wherever you are feeling down. Here is how to do it:

We recommend that you make it a habit of yours to carry a Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone with you or any kind of Rose Quartz necklace. You could bring it in your purse, or pocket because they are rather small, however, we like to keep it close to our hearts, on the left side of our bra. (Because each Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone varies in size and shape, I would be best when ordering to fill out the part with special requests, asking for a smaller, flatter stone so that it can more easily fit in your bra, without making any discomfort.)

We recommend Rose Quartz because, in the crystal world, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of Infinite Love. With its gentle nourishing energy, it connects with your Heart Chakra, gently healing it and awakening love. Learn more here.

Before you bring your Rose Quartz with you, make sure that you cleanse it and program it at home.

By bringing rose quartz with you, you will be calmer, and more loving towards yourself. And in if stress still manages to overcome you, all you have to do is to take 5 minutes alone, put your rose quartz in your palm and repeat the following affirmations:

  • “Today, I am giving myself the love that I deserve.” – Then take a deep breath, and repeat it two more times. Then take a 10-second break, and continue to the next one:

  • “I wholeheartedly embrace every aspect of myself.” – As you repeat each affirmation make sure that you focus on the feelings it awakens. Repeat this affirmation three times, taking a deep breath before repeating it, take a 10-second pause and continue to the last one:

  • “I radiate with loving energy.” – Take a deep breath and repeat this affirmation three more times, repeating the same process as with the other two. Once you are done, place the rose quartz back, and take a few moments to enjoy in the loving energy you have created.

The important thing to know is that you don’t have to use these three specific affirmations, these three are just our all-time favorites that have worked best for us when we found ourselves stressed out and emotional. Depending on the situation, you don’t even have to use all three, however, we like to fill ourselves with as much loving energy as we can, so we always opt-in for this trio.

Aromatherapy Yourself

Aromatherapy has been around longer than you think. The practice is old about a few thousand years, and we can see the roots for aromatherapy in Ancient China, India and Egypt. Aromatherapy simply offers so many benefits because there are essential oils for many purposes. But, what works even better is a specific mix of essential oils, for a specific purpose.

In our shop, we have created a few essential oil mixes, because we wanted to not only find a solution to the issues we were having trouble with but also to share these tools with you as well. One of our most popular essential oil mixes – A Little Joy Oil, is perfect to use when you are feeling stressed out, and negative vibes start to pick on you. It’s a mix of Citrus, Pine, Jasmine, and Lavender. Here is a quick mini ritual that we like to do with the Little Joy Oil, whenever we are in a hurry:

Put one drop of A Little Joy Oil on your thumb. Now, gently start massaging your wrists with your thumb. Don’t apply too much pressure, keep things gentle. As you massage yourself, visualize a light covering you, and cleansing you from negative vibes. Focus on how joyful you start feeling as the essential oil mix spreads its divine aroma. Then, repeat the same process on your other wrist. Take a few moments to breathe in and inhale the essential oil mix.

This is the perfect quick 5-minute ritual because the essential oil mix will follow you all day long, making you smell and feel amazing, and enveloping you with joyful energy. By massaging your wrists gently, you are relieving stress throughout your whole body, making yourself calmer and easily susceptive to the joyful vibes that the A Little Joy Oil spreads while banishing negative vibes from you at the same time.

Keep Your Chakras In Check

Whenever you are feeling the negative vibes being more persistent than usual, and nothing seems to work, take it as a sign that some chakra in your body might be out of whack. Although balancing your chakras is usually a more time-consuming ritual, you can also keep your chakras balanced and in check with the help of crystal jewelry specifically created for that purpose – such as the Lava Chakra Bracelet & the Howlite Chakra Bracelet.

These two bracelets have a set of crystals on them, where each of those crystals connects with chakra from your body and balances it. The Lava and Howlite serve as balancer stones that maintain the balance in energies between the different types of crystals on your bracelet, and as energy enhancers – boosting each crystal’s healing ability.

By simply wearing a bracelet, your chakras will be kept in balance. However, whenever those pesky low-frequency vibes come at us with full force we like to boost the healing ability of the chakra bracelet by touching every chakra stone, closing our eyes, imagining a flame with the color of the chakra stone we are touching, and visualizing making it burn bigger and bigger, until we feel the energy shift in our body. Then we continue doing so with all the other chakra stones.

Whenever we are in such a hurry that we don’t have 5 minutes to spare, we close our eyes, and we let our intuition guide us towards the chakra that is out of whack. Simply put your index finger on a chakra stone with your closed eyes, open your eyes to see which chakra stone you have touched, then close your eyes and visualize the flame of that specific chakra growing bigger.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed these mini rituals! Let us know which rituals worked best for you!



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