4 Best Healing Bracelets and How to Choose Between Them

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 17 2019

With all the running around, all day, every day it’s hard to keep your cool. It’s even harder to not let negative vibes overwhelm you, especially if it’s one of those days when simply everything goes wrong. You just can’t wait to go home and work with your crystals to get yourself back to normal, right? But, what if we tell you that you can bring that healing power of your crystals with yourself, everywhere you go? You can keep your cool, your mind and emotional well-balance even in the harshest days by wearing a healing bracelet. Here is why healing bracelets are important and how to choose between them!

Why should you wear a healing bracelet?

Deciding to wear a healing bracelet can be one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself. It’s hard to be constantly mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and vibes in a world in which everyone is trying to get your attention. But, when you team up with a healing bracelet, healing, manifesting and mindfulness are much easier to achieve because you can more easily heighten your energy and direct it towards a specific goal. Here are a few more benefits and reasons to pick up a healing bracelet:

To heal yourself emotionally & spiritually

As we grow up, often we form harmful patterns unconsciously that affect us negatively. Sometimes, it might even be trauma or sadness that you might have experienced while growing up that hasn’t healed yet, and without healing, there is no growth or progress. This is why working on breaking out of those negative patterns and healing your spirit is important to grow and become a better version of yourself. It’s important to put in the work to creating your own damn magic! And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Healing bracelets have been used for centuries to heal, protect, cleanse and release negative vibes.

Balancing your chakras

To restore your balance, it’s important to be more mindful of the energy that flows through your chakras. Whenever something is lacking from your life, whenever you feel like your energy is completely out of whack, there is a good chance that the flow of energy through your body might be disturbed. When your energy centers the chakras, don’t receive enough energy, or they receive more than enough, you will start to notice that some parts of your life are completely getting out of hand, while others won’t even budge. That is why it’s important to work on restoring the energy flow through each chakra. Wearing a crystal healing bracelet can be used in rituals, to restore balance to your chakras, and it should also be worn to help you keep your chakras balanced every day.

Heightening your vibes

Wearing healing bracelets can help you to raise your vibration because each healing bracelet radiates with high-frequency vibes. By taking good care of your healing tools, using them in rituals and charging them, you will ensure that the energy of your bracelet and your energy will always radiate with positivity.

Besides, to ensure that we always provide the best crystal healing tools to you, all of our products are charged with Reiki Energy by our founder and Master Reiki Healer – Shereen Campbell, which is why all of the products you receive will simply radiate with soothing, healing energy that will help you to heighten your vibes!

Where does the tradition of wearing crystal healing jewelry come from?

Throughout the world, wherever you look, in whichever time period, you will notice that every culture had crystals around. That’s because their healing power has been known since ancient times. They were often worn as protective amulets, and in later times as society progressed they were even worn as a form of expensive jewelry meant to show off the status of an individual. In a way, through history crystals were always meant to be worn, or taken with you, which is why it’s hard to pinpoint where the tradition started.

How many types of crystal healing bracelets are there?

There are three main types of healing bracelets that you can use for healing:

1. Crystal Bracelets

As you already know, there are a ton of crystals out there. Each crystal resonates with its own unique frequency and has its own healing power. If you are choosing a crystal bracelet you have to know the meaning behind that crystal. There is a ton of information over the internet for every crystal, so start reading up. But, before you start reading, focus on what you need at the moment, is it love, peace, balance, de-stressing, protection or something entirely else? By figuring out what you need, you will know on which crystal to focus and which crystal bracelet is the one for you.

What you should know is that there are two types of crystal healing bracelets between which you can choose:

- Single Stone Crystal Bracelet

Single stone crystal bracelets are usually made out of one type of crystal because they focus on one intention, and purpose that you want to use them for. They are also known as beginner crystal bracelets because they are much easier to use during rituals and to charge than multi-stone bracelets. Depending on the type of crystal you choose, your crystal bracelet can be used for different purposes. For easier choosing of your intentions, we have listed down the most common and useful crystals for specific intentions in the section on how to choose a healing bracelet. Scroll down to check it out!

Besides the type of crystal, it’s also important to choose the right shape. Although most single stone healing bracelets are either tumbled or spheres, they can also be chipped.

  • Tumbled Single Stone Crystal Healing Bracelets

The stones on these bracelets are the largest out of the three most common shapes, and they allow you not only wear your bracelet but also use it during rituals and for building crystal grids. These bracelets can be easily used as the focus point of crystal grids, and later when wearing them, you will constantly send out your intentions to the Universe, manifesting as you go.

  • Sphere Single Stone Crystal Healing Bracelets

Spheres are known to radiate energy equally in every direction. This is why these healing bracelets are specifically designed to affect you more, than sending out intentions. These are the type of bracelets you would like to wear when you would like to increase specific energy within your body, whether you’d like to be happier, joyful, creative or simply calm & mindful, it all depends on your needs.

  • Chipped Single Stone Crystal Bracelets

Although it’s recommended for more serious crystal healing, larger crystals to be used, chips of crystals are an important part of crystal healing. Even though they are smaller, energy bounces off from each chip, increasing the energy of the chip beside the other, forming a circle of infinitely increasing energy. However, the only downside is that these crystal healing bracelets should be cleansed more often than others because if the energy of one chip from the bracelet is decreased, it will lower the effect of the whole bracelet.

- Multi-Stone Crystal Bracelet

Multi-stone crystal bracelets are usually bracelets that combine different effects from multiple crystals. They sort of create a mini crystal grid that you can tune for your specific purpose. These healing bracelets are a little more advanced for using during rituals, however, once you get the hang of them you will realize that they are much more effective for specific purposes and intentions. The most common type of multi-stone crystal bracelets are:

  • Chakra Bracelets

Chakra bracelets are usually made of crystals as well, but rather than being made of one crystal, they are made out of carefully selected crystals that resonate with every chakra of your body. Each crystal, sends out a healing frequency, connecting with your chakras, keeping them balanced and well-nourished with the energy they need to function properly. If you are in need of re-balancing your chakras and restoring your balance, we recommend you opt for a chakra bracelet. They are simple, yet beautiful and go with just about everything when it comes to style. Our fave is the Howlite Chakra Bracelet.


2. Magnetic Healing Bracelets

Magnetic jewelry is very well known for helping to relieve muscle and joint pain. However, when magnets are paired up with certain types of metals such as copper, crystals and sacred symbols they become a powerful tool for healing yourself both physically and spiritually.

- Celtic Magnetic Copper Bracelets

If you are looking for protection and healing, then we recommend the Celtic Magnetic Copper Bracelets. Engraved with the sacred Celtic symbols and knots for protection which were bestowed on the greatest Celtic warriors and the sickly for protection and re-enhanced with magnets, to help you heal your body, they are the perfect mix for keeping yourself safe and healthy. Our fave is the Celtic Swirls Copper Bracelet.













3. Wishlet or Wishing Bracelet

Wondering what a wishlet is? In your busy day, you often focus on so many things, that you often forget about the things that you want to achieve. Especially if you are working with the Law of Attraction, wishlets are your best friends. They hold the very essence of your intentions for well-being, health, love, and your innermost desires. And they also serve as a reminder to you, to never forget your desires, and to know that your dreams are going to come true. We recommend A Little Prosperity Wishlet.

How to choose the right healing bracelet?

There are a few ways to find the right healing bracelet for yourself. Here is how to choose:

Based On a Specific Intention

If you have a specific intention or purpose in mind then here are some crystals that can help you:

  • Rose Quartz Manifesting Love & Finding Soulmate

  • Green Moss Agate Manifest wealth & abundance

  • Fancy JasperImproves focus and concentration, bringing clarity and improving decision making

  • Black TourmalineUltimate Protection

  • Clear Quartz Manifesting Dreams

  • Aventurine Positive energy & luck

  • Citrine Increasing Creativity

  • Carnelian Increasing Self Confidence & Personal Power

  • Sodalite Harnessing Calmness & Mindfulness

  • Amethyst Intuition Building & Fighting off anxiety

  • AmazoniteCalming down anger, harnessing calmness & discovering the source of negative patterns

  • Malachite Transforming negative patterns into positive ones

  • Lapis Lazuli Intuition building & connecting with the Universe

  • Tiger Eye Manifesting positive change into your life & increasing vitality

  • Jasper Grounding & stabilizing

  • GoldstoneIncreasing courage & protection against negative vibes

  • Fluorite Clarity & improved decision making

  • Lava Courage, strength & calming down anger

  • Garnet Prosperity & cleansing

  • UnakiteManifesting Love & Self-Love

Using a Pendulum

Cleanse your space and make sure you are relaxed. Take a few deep breaths to relax further. Using your Pendulum . Ask it to show you yes, no and no answer. Once you feel satisfied with its responses, ask it if it wants to work with you on purchasing a new bracelet. Once you get confirmation, simply ask your pendulum one of these two questions:

Would this bracelet like to come home with me?

This works especially well when you are shopping and find yourself drawn to a bracelet but aren’t sure if you should get it.


Will this bracelet help me with [insert a specific area ie healing my broken heart, finding love, loving myself more deeply, managing my appetite, etc]?

Once you get your answer you are all set! Be sure to tell your pendulum thank you and cleanse it. The more nicely you treat your pendulum the stronger your answers will come.

How to Cleanse Your Healing Bracelet

Yes, buying your very own crystal healing bracelet is a delight, however, you can’t simply put it on and expect your bracelet to fix all your issues and manifest for you. You have to take really good care of your bracelet for it to work properly. So, the very first thing you should do is not putting it on, but rather bringing it home and cleansing it from any pesky vibes that might lurk around it and diminish its power, and previous intentions. Here are a few ways to cleanse your healing bracelet:

-Set it out under a Full Moon

-Salt Water (only if the crystal can be put in water check here if your crystal can be placed in water)

-Sage, Lavender or Palo Santo

-Placing it on a piece of Selenite or Amethyst overnight

When To Cleanse Your Healing Bracelet

Although cleansing your bracelet is the first thing you should do when you bring it home, don’t forget to cleanse it often! Cleansing is a continuous process, that you should repeat either once a week or when one of these situations occurs:

-After someone touched it

-When the energy feels stagnant

-During the Full Moon

How to charge your healing bracelet

After your bracelet has been cleansed, it’s time to charge it with specific intentions and program it to work on helping you achieve your goals. Here is how to charge your healing bracelet:

- Write down your intention on a piece of paper as one sentence.

- Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Continue to breathe deeply, allowing your body to slowly relax. With each breath, relax each muscle of your body from head to toe.

- When you are completely relaxed take your crystal healing bracelet in your hand

- Feel the energy of the healing bracelet radiating, and then feel its energy going through you. Feel the energy send jolts to every corner of your body, reinvigorating you, and preparing you to take the next step that you are planning on taking in your life.

- Breathe in and breathe out, until you feel every part of your body pulsing with energy.

- Feel the energy of the bracelet connecting with yours, becoming one high-frequency energy for manifesting.

- Now open your eyes, and read your intention to your healing bracelet.

- Take a few deep breaths.

- Now put the bracelet on, and enjoy its healing powers!

Well done gorgeous! You’re all set to create your own damn magic now!

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