Prediction – Word of the Week

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 21 2018

There are so many people that claim that they can make accurate predictions about your future. They claim that the cards, beans, rocks, bones or hands hold the key to your future. But is it really so? Is there really a possibility to predict the future? Can you really make an accurate prediction about your future? Or is it all just a big mumbo jumbo?

Well, making a true prediction is possible but the accuracy of the prediction is another thing. But even so, how is this all possible? Well, sometimes, your higher-self is involved and is sending you clues through your intuition. For example, if you had a really weird dream that shows something similar that happened in the near future, or maybe you were in a dilemma about something and even though you had a logical reason for choosing something you thought it was good for you, you chose the other thing based on a hunch. And you were right! That is all your intuition, the language your higher-self speaks, leading you through a happier life.

But, when it comes to making predictions, tarot cards can be of more help. The unique way that each deck is built can help you make more accurate predictions. But, for that to work you need to build up your intuition. The unique ability to read energies and vibes that comes from strengthening your intuition is the key to making predictions.


So, Predict Away and make your own Damn Magic!

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