Magical Intuition Building – Intuition Cards

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 18 2018

If you want to lead a more fulfilling life then strengthening your Intuition is the key. Just think about it, your intuition allows you to follow the hints your higher-self is leaving for you. And your higher-self wants only the best for you, and it is trying to lead you to the more fulfilling life that you always desired. But, you also have to put in some effort. So, back to intuition strengthening. We have yet another awesome exercise for you guys – using Intuition Cards! You can even make your own Intuition Cards, to help you strengthen your intuition.

What exactly are Intuition Cards?

Well, you can find some Intuition Cards and order them or you can make your own. They are basically a very simple tool to help you boost your intuition. They can be used for your personal use or in pairs, so you can improve your energy reading of other people as well.

How can you make Intuition Cards?

You can take some paper and write some easy words on them. Then try to print the matching illustrations on them or you can draw them yourself. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. You don’t have to make a lot, but 15-20 are best for beginners.

How to use your Intuition Cards?

If you are doing this alone, then pick three cards, and see them. Focus on each card and the energy you are feeling from each of the three. Now turn them around on the table, close your eyes and shuffle them. Put your hand above each card, close your eyes and feel what kind of an energy the card is giving off to you. Try to choose the correct card. Repeat next time with a set of 5 cards.

If you are doing this with a partner, your partner chooses the card from the deck and sees it. Then your partner will start focusing on the image from their card in their mind. They will start focusing on the type of energy that card wakes within them and they will send you their energy. As you focus on receiving the energy, let go, don’t overthink it. Listen to the inner voice, listen as it whispers the right card to you. Try to guess the correct card.

What you should take note of, this isn’t something that will help you right away. It’s a process and you should try to repeat it daily by yourself and at least once a week with a partner to see results.

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