Astro Alert: Pluto Direct In Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 05 2020

On the 4th, subterranean god Pluto finally goes direct after six months of retrogradation, giving us the green light in matters linked to shared resources, sex, shadow work, power, and transformation.

From September 30 to October 9, when Pluto will be stationing, pay attention to pivotal events happening in these areas. What secrets are coming to the surface? How are you being led to discover more of your inner power?

Pluto Direct In Capricorn: October 4

After his yearly six months of retrogradation, powerful Pluto turns direct on October 4th. Pluto is an outer planet that marks social, large-scale events more than personal ones, but we can still feel his influence- especially if he's strongly placed in the natal chart.

Pluto rules secrets, taboos, sex, taxes and debts, energy work and psychotherapy. What we've been reconsidering in these areas for the past months can finally gain some momentum, allowing us to make progress with more ease.

From about September 30 to October 8, Pluto will be stationing, revealing secrets, pushing stagnant situations to the point of crisis and prompting us to face our shadows, all for the sake of a deeper self-knowledge and, ultimately, experience of life.

Nothing is ordinary or superficial with this small, but powerful planet, and the first part of October will make this clear, especially for those of us who are Scorpio or Capricorn dominants or who have a strongly placed Pluto in the natal chart.

Pluto in Capricorn is about power, authority and structure; more specifically, about transforming outdated structures and “musts” and stepping into a more authentic relationship with our responsibilities and inner authority. In conjunction with sensible Saturn, Pluto direct can help us become more organized, confident, and resilient.

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