Astro Alert: Venus Enters Virgo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 06 2020

Starting from the 2nd, love goddess Venus shifts towards a serious, reserved, and practical kind of energy in our relationships as she enters hard-working Virgo.

October will be all about mental connection, working in harmony with others, and cultivating an appreciation for everything simple and organic. 

Venus in Virgo: October 2-October 27

Love goddess Venus travels through the practical sign of Virgo for most of October, bringing out the pragmatic idealist in us when it comes to our relationships.

Mental connection, common routines, and acts of service are just a few shapes that love can take with Venus in Virgo, fueled by an appreciation for everything simple, practical, and logical.

This month is great for (re)discovering our love of learning, our passion for writing or research, or our interest in natural medicine. We're supported to take care of our well-being, to bring gentleness in our daily routines, and to dedicate ourselves to our work whole-heartedly.

Earth sign Virgo is the healer archetype, so maybe it helps to remember the symbolism of chestnut this autumn month: providing to others, giving selflessly, but also taking care of our well-being so we can do our best day by day. If you have planets or important points in Virgo, Taurus, or Libra, you might feel this message more strongly than others.

In the first part of October, Venus trining revolutionary Uranus in Taurus supports us to bring productive changes in our work and daily habits, shaking up the habitual. This aspect allows us to be authentic and to do something different without troubling the waters (too much).

The second part of October is great for implementing routines and practicing gentle self-discipline towards our goals, while at the same time permitting ourselves to just go with the flow from time to time.

We’re called to find a balance between work and rest, dedication and self-care, indulgence, and boundaries, especially when it comes to our work, our health, and our relationships. In the middle of it all, a beautiful Venus-Jupiter trine can bring fun, enjoyment, and effortlessness in both doing our work… and enjoying its rewards.

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