Word Of The Week - Numerology

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 18 2020

Have you ever wondered why Numerology is becoming more and more popular? Many people find it useful because they can learn more about themselves through the readings, and many want the Numerology readings to tell them more about their future. So, what exactly is a numerology reading, and can it really predict your future?

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is old thousands of years. Many dwelled into learning how numbers and calculations can apply to a person's life, even Pythagoras. Over the years many people tried to learn and master numerology, and today we finally have! Numerology is simply the art of finding numerological patterns that reveal a person's character, soul, purpose, past, present, and future.

Through Numerology readings you can find immense information about yourself and your life's purpose. But how is it done? Well, there are a lot of different readings and reports, however, most of them focus on the following 4 calculations:

Life Path Number

By adding on the numbers of your birthday you can find your life path number. The life path number is the most important number of your numerology reading, and as the name suggests it shows where your life path will lead you, where you are now and where you are heading.

Expression Number

This number is calculated by a special Pythagorean Chart, and it can only be calculated by adding the values of the characters of your full birth name. This number is all about your desires and abilities.

Soul Urge Number

This number is also calculated with the Pythagorean Chart, however this time you only calculate the vowels of your full name. The Soul Urge number shows what you truly want, deep down, and what you need in life. 

Personality Number

The personality number is calculated by only adding on the values of the consonants of your full name. It shows who you are in front of others, and what kind of a persona you have created consciously or unconsciously.

All of these numbers can be easily calculated on the internet with free tools, however, the true meanings specifically for you can be only revealed by a professional numerologist. We recommend checking out Numerologist's readings because they are one of the most accurate ones that we have checked out! Plus, they are easily understandable and always leave you with profound insight!

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