Quarantine Activities For Your Kids

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 19 2020

Even as some states are starting to reopen, it’s clear that our lifestyle won’t magically return to normal in the following months. Between work and school, many of us won’t go outside as often as before- and the kids will miss it! Let’s look at some ways of keeping the little ones busy while we’re homebound, depending on their dominant elements and signs.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

These signs are all about action and movement, so your fiery small ones will need to stay active during the isolation! You’ve probably figured this out already by the sheer amount of energy that they’re using to keep you on your toes every day. If your Fire kid is restless, hyperactive, angry, or anxious, it could mean that they’re not getting enough stimulation.

An idea is to include an exercise routine in their schedule, something fun, preferably with an entertaining (and loud, when possible) soundtrack. Also, staying at home doesn’t mean that games are off the list. Fire signs are big fans of competition, so whether it’s board games, obstacle courses through the house or The Floor are Lava, make sure to stimulate their playful side, giving them a chance to compete and to win. 

Another thing that helps fire signs feel competent and satisfied is to be in charge. Let your kid decide what you’re having for dinner tomorrow, challenge them to invent their own game, or give them a mission to take care of their younger sibling for a while, making it clear that their energy is valuable and their decisions matter around the house.

While Aries will delight in competition and physical activity, Leo might particularly like being in charge …and probably giving orders. Try roleplaying! Sagittarius will love you forever if you make the most out of your limited time in nature. Movement and laughter are some of your best allies with this sign.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs are the moms and the dads of the zodiac. These kids were born with their feet on the ground! During isolation, they won’t mind spending time alone, but they’ll need a solid routine and you might need to help them come out of their shells from time to time. If your Earth kid is sullen, tired, or more stubborn than usual, it could mean that they need more structure in their lives… and a little bit more stimulation.

Make sure to have a daily schedule, keeping some rules and routines unchanged while you keep others flexible. For example, a morning workout could be compulsory, but they get to choose the specifics. Mornings could be for study while afternoons are for free play. Earth signs need life to be predictable, especially during unpredictable times.

Something else they love is to be given responsibility. Involve them in scheduling their day and in chores such as cleaning or cooking. They can be in charge of a particular spot in the house to keep clean, they can be the ones to keep the plants alive or they can have a fixed task in the kitchen (for example, washing the vegetables or setting the table). Details vary depending on age, but don’t be afraid to get the smaller ones involved as well! Another way to nurture their practical skills is to involve them in making shopping lists or in (small-scale) budget planning.

While Taurus will love to participate in the kitchen, Virgo children might particularly enjoy cleaning or scheduling their day. In the meantime, Capricorns could love planning their budget and showing off their inner manager!

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs are the Peter Pans of the zodiac, young at heart, and always willing to learn something new! These little ones need a world full of magic to keep their minds stimulated. They’re not used to being alone and they thrive on connection, so isolation could be more difficult for them than it is for the other signs. If your Air kid is hyperactive, anxious, or bored, it could mean that they need more wonder and connection in their lives.

Reading books, crafting, telling jokes, or making puzzles together could keep their little minds and hands entertained while they also enjoy spending quality time with you. Get ready to answer their “why”s and “how”s and, if you want to keep them busy, give them something to think about! Don’t underestimate the importance of homeschooling during quarantine, no matter the age of your child; learning is vital to keep an air sign fulfilled.

Socializing is equally important for these kids, so if they can’t see their friends at school or in the park anymore, arrange online meetings and, if they’re older, help them find an online community that suits their interests. While at home, you can also film videos together, make up interesting stories, or do projects on the themes that pique your little one’s interest.

While Gemini will love new books and filming funny videos around the house, Libra could benefit from online collaboration on school projects. In the meantime, Aquarius will be over the moon about the latest science experiment you’ve prepared!

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs are the emotional sponges of the zodiac, so they’ll be particularly receptive to your moods during the quarantine. They need to feel safe and loved above all and they can also pass it on by taking on the nurturer role. If your water kid is sad, sensitive, moodier than usual, it could mean that they need more TLC or more effective outlets for their emotions.

Water signs need to have their emotions validated before they move on. Let your kid know that yes, you’re afraid or stressed too and that it’s a normal reaction to what we’re all going through. At the same time, teach them how to avoid being overwhelmed by their emotions. Provide them with the tools to create (painting, music, writing), encourage them to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the final result and send them the message (both verbally and non-verbally) that they are safe. Prompt them to talk about their feelings- it makes them come out of their shell.

You can encourage their nurturing side by having them help in the kitchen, water the plants, or take care of a pet or a younger sibling. These kids can be great at comforting others! At the same time, you can get literal and allow them to spend time playing or working with water: washing their toys, the dishes, or taking long baths. Connecting to their element will help them feel at ease.

While Cancer will love cooking for the family or taking care of a younger sibling, Scorpio will appreciate if you give them space, but sit with them when darker moods strike. To keep a Pisces entertained, pull out your fantasy books and watercolors and let them explore!



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