November will be okay, Despite the what Susan Miller says

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 04 2021

I’ll start this by saying I’m a die hard Susan Miller fan. I’ve read AstrologyZone for as long as I can remember. I will go so far as saying her monthly horoscopes inspired me to start studying astrology in 2007 all due to her gentle way of explaining the stars and her ability to write in a way that made me feel like I was listening to an old friend help me navigate life. I was even fortunate enough to study under one of her students. And, even now, I still look to her to deepen my connection with the stars so many years later….

But, man, Susan Miller’s November horoscopes are on some bullshit.  

She has literally scared the crap out of everyone I know that reads her and so many folks I know are texting terrified of how this month will play out. I’m not sure if it’s because her usually sunny and optimistic disposition isn’t coming through as strongly as it normally does for some other non astrology related reason or because she has a gut feeling the month will be super difficult. Either way, Susan generally provides hope and excitement as her millions of readers devour her predictions for the month ahead, this time not so much. 

So as an astrologer, of course I had to take a look at the astrology and see if I felt the same 5 alarm going off internally to decide if this level of alarm was warranted. After some digging, I’ve decided that November as a whole will definitely be a growth inducing month but I do worry that she might have hyped it up a little bit more than necessary.  

As a person who deeply believes in the power of free will and our abilities to co-create our experience, I do worry that many folks will read the doom and gloom of AstrologyZone’s monthly November horoscope and inadvertently manifest a shitty month. For this reason I told my mom (also an avid Susan Miller reader) to skip reading this month. I’ve also told friends to continue writing their new moon intentions as usual, do some extra cleansing activities on the full moon and remember that they are the masters of their destinies.

In the end, Astrology is a tool in which to navigate your life, not some sort of destiny map that you have to accept as it is. I always tell clients that I liken astrological predictions to a weather forecast. The same way you check the weather forecast and see the forecast for the day, is the same way you should approach your horoscope. When you see rain in the forecast do you freak out and expect the world will come crashing down on you, or do you just pack an umbrella and keep it moving? It’s the same with astrology. Learning about the energetic weather is to your benefit in that you can prepare yourself and understand the grander lessons coming your way.

The universe isn’t out to get you, it’s doing everything for you, to help you get out of your own way.  

So if you’re one of those folks who read Susan’s November horoscope and lost your hope for November, I’m here to remind you that, it will be okay. Perhaps there will be some tough moments this month, but you will get through them. Seriously, what months don’t have tough moments, anyway?  You got this!

For those of y’all that aren’t quite sold yet, that November will be fine, I’ve broken down the top astrological events of the month she focused on below for you to think about and hopefully find a way to navigate and use their energy for the best. I've also dropped in a few dates that are golden stars that she left out. Yes, Uranus will be on 100 this month, but so will Neptune and Mercury. Mercury will make sure communication is a top priority throughout all this change happening around you and Neptune will be throwing us some uplifting vibes, creative moments and more opportunity than usual to connect with that little voice within that knows you got this.

Finally, this is absolutely not to say that this month does not have the potential to bring in some change (that is the theme of Uranus after all). There might even be up some some things on a global scale triggered by this spicy energy, as that is definitely possible with this type of energy. But, it is to say, despite this, your life is what you make of it. Shine your light, send it out into the heavens. Don't worry if there is complete chaos behind you, find your zen.Which reminds me of this photo is of a trip to Thailand where we light lanterns. My friend and I peacefully lit ours, let them fly up and away. Then turned around to mass chaos behind us. It was absolutely epic. This is what I want November to be like for you, if in fact it gets spicy. 

So with that said, Happy November y’all, read below to see a little more optimism to balance out the spicy. And for the last time, you will be okay.


Top Astrological Events covered in November's AstrologyZone horoscope.

11/4: New Moon in Scorpio - This new moon is a splendid time for unexpected opportunities or new ideas to come your way.  Uranus will be opposing the moon, setting a scene for, well, the unexpected. But that doesn't mean it has to be bad, especially for my Virgos and Capricorns out there. Plus, sometimes it's the unexpected that shakes us out of any stagnation or complacency we are in. Use the energy of the day to get focused on what it is you want for your future. Let those out of the box ideas flow through you. Embrace the weird, unique and unexpected. I did a whole write up on this new moon that you can also read here.

11/10: Mercury + Mars Square Saturn - Saturn doesn't mean you no harm, even when he appears to arrive in every way opposite of peace. He just wants for you to create the most rock solid, heavily fortified foundation in life as possible. Sometimes he might throw a rock at it to make sure it's still holding up, testing that there aren't any unseen pressure points that should be fixed now to avoid catastrophe in the future. Welp, on the 10th, some testing might come about. Mercury and Mars will throw a little, umm, shade Saturn's way, and Saturn will be on the lookout for weak spots. 

The key to navigating the energy of this day is to watch whatever comes up, dig deep in your heart for gratitude that you've seem something that would suck if seen any later and then get to mending. This will be especially true for communication opportunities or if there is something you're rushing to push through that you might need to slow on down with. We are only humans, and we can't always see all the things happening in the background. So sometimes a 'no', is really a 'wait, something better is coming'.

11/13: Mercury Opposes Uranus - Mercury has finally picked up some speed after being retrograde last month. At the time of this interaction, he's been out of his shadow for a good two weeks now and has moved on to newer territory.  When they two face off on the 13th, it is actually a splendid opportunity for you to learn how to tame that beautiful mind of yours. 

Uranus loves to pull the below surface above and absolutely hates boxes. Use the energy of this day to observe the beauty of your thoughts, chaos included. You might find there is an epiphany or two in there for you to uncover. And if someone does say something out of pocket to you, consider just letting it go. They're probably not using their astrological knowledge as well as you will now. 

11/17: Mars Opposes Uranus - Similar to Mercury opposing Uranus on the 13th, we have another opportunity to opt for stillness. This is a great day for observation. You might even notice a lot of folks trying to push water uphill (as my mom says). This is not a day to force issues, argue with anyone or ask for a raise. Honestly, this is probably the one day of the month that I would advise a low profile, Netflix and lots of chill. Try not to get caught up in anyone else's projections and if you do, make sure you ponder why you did so. This could prove to be really insightful and potentially healing time for you, if you so choose.

11/19: Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus - On the 19th, we hit the first eclipse of the last pair of eclipses this year. I actually like this eclipse! And, I really, really don't love eclipses. It's Pluto is supporting it, allowing you access to a deeper sense of power and belief in your unique place in the world.  Neptune and Mercury are throwing some light good vibes (it's a wide orb) it's way as well. The only potential drama with the eclipse itself is there is a square from Jupiter. But, it's Jupiter! Jupiter just expands upon whatever exists, even in a square so if your beliefs are high vibe, then high vibe you will manifest. 

I think the reason Susan Miller is tough on this eclipse is because of the Mars Uranus opposition happening around the same time. I won't lie, Mars and Uranus together can be dicey. Mars rules aggression, fire and ego. Uranus is a rule breaking, adrenaline junkie that marches to the beat of its own drum. Pitted together, there is a chance for absolute chaos OR some freaking once a year magic. Think before you speak, walk away before you react and act with compassion, and you might find that you own this day and could even have a breakthrough with someone close that was long needed.

My Favorite Days this Month:

11/5 - Venus Enters Capricorn: Susan did throw this gem into the horoscope, as this change in energy should be really nice. Venus rules beauty and love, and Capricorn ruled by Saturn, loves to bring some status and structure. Venus moving through Capricorn could bring some stability to your love life or even some opportunity to elevate professionally your way. Use her loving vibes to visualize yourself bossing it up.

11/6 - Mercury Sextile Venus: Any conversations you've been holding off on can be done on the 6th. You might even find yourself effortlessly finding all the words you might have struggled to find before.

11/12 - Sun Trine Neptune: This is for sure a 5 star day for creativity and love. If there were a day to set goals that help you get closer to your dreams, this is a the day to do it.

11/16 - Sun Sextile Pluto: Not only is this aspect bringing all the sexy out, it is also a day where you can make some serious progress on any projects you've been putting off or slow to start. It's a day where concentration and determination is on 100.

11/18 - Mercury Trine Neptune: On the 18th, you might be keen to expressing yourself in the most poetic or artistic way natural to you. Also, your imagination may be heightened as well as your powers of visualization. Spend some time daydreaming about where you are headed and let it go so that universe can get to conspiring for you.

11/19 - Venus Trine Uranus: This is the second five star date Susan mentioned in her horoscopes and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Something magical is coming your way and don't be surprised if it's a surprise. Keep your schedule super open.

11/21 - Mercury Sextile Pluto: If you needed a day to be extra convincing, this is a day you won't want to let go to waste. You'll be able to sell water to a well, if you wanted. It can also make for great energy in digging deep into anything important that's been weighing on your mind.

11/28 - Sun Conjunct Mercury: Welcome alertness, intense concentration, quick thinking and curiosity when the Sun and Mercury join. If you needed a day for brainstorming, plotting and planning, do it on the 28th.

11/29 - Mars Trine Neptune: This final boost of energy of the month will help you integrate all of your recent learnings and take steps forward that are in more alignment with your higher purpose. Use this day for reflection as well as goal setting and don't waste that energy, love.

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