Astro Alert: The Sun And Mars In Scorpio

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 25 2021

On the 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, bringing a more contemplative and emotional kind of energy into the mix. If the past month has been all about negotiating differences in our relationships, now we’re supported to go deeper and to find those places where our worlds collide. The sign of sex, psychology, occultism, and transformation, Scorpio is all about exploring the most challenging and intense sides of life. 

We’re starting Scorpio season with a dreamy vibe that supports artistic and spiritual activities, but warns against disillusionment in love around the 26th, while the end of the month can bring darker thoughts or a sense of pressure and limitation, especially on the 30th. Set realistic goals and look at what you’ve achieved instead of worrying too much about the road ahead!

Finally, Mars amplifies our desire and our determination starting from the 30th, when it shifts into powerful Scorpio. It will be all or nothing for the next month and a half; we’ll be searching for intense experiences that push us out of our comfort zone and we’ll pursue what (or whom) we want with relentless passion. 

The Sun And Mars In Scorpio: October 23 and 30

If we’ve been feeling indecisive or postponed taking clear action during the past month, the end of October brings a major shift of energy that supports us to cut to the chase and to fully dedicate ourselves to what matters to us, whether it’s a relationship, a work project, or a personal interest. With less retrograde energy and both masculine planets (Sun and Mars) in powerful Scorpio, we’re stepping into a season of decisiveness, laser-sharp focus, and committed action.

From October 23 to November 21, Scorpio season marks the time of the year when nature sheds its old skin and prepares to be reborn. Beauty and freshness make room for the less appealing, but equally essential processes of decay and transformation. This is Scorpio’s essence: the ability to face the realities of life and death with the innate knowing that our power lies in how we can embrace both with equal openness.

Our lives, as well, go through a transformation as we’re naturally inclined to spend more time indoors and to turn toward ourselves and our loved ones at this time. We’re less open to superficial conversation and more interested in soul-stirring connections on both an emotional and a physical level.

We can feel bolder, more passionate, and more open to experiment in the bedroom; on the downside, it’s good to stay mindful of obsession, jealousy, or attempts to gain control over others, whether we’re noticing these tendencies in others or seeing how they’re part of our own shadow.

Fiery Mars will feel at home in the passionate sign of Scorpio between October 30 and December 13, activating our wildest wishes and ambitions. We’re more likely to be motivated by raw instincts and emotions, to make all-or-nothing decisions, and to relentlessly pursue our desires.

We might feel most called to act on our own during the next month and a half… and to keep things behind the curtain, knowing that the less people know about something (whether it’s a project, an intention, or a relationship), the more likely it is for it to keep a high energetic blueprint and to succeed.

With Mars in Scorpio, we might be tempted to hold on to grudges, get lost in conflicting emotions, or dream of retaliation. It’s essential to find a way of channeling powerful emotional states, whether it’s through sex, high intensity exercise, journaling, tapping, or any other activity that works to activate the energetic body and release blockages.

This can also be a great time for shadow work or for activities that push our emotional or physical boundaries, showing us that we’re stronger than we’d previously thought.

During the entire transit, November 10 is a day when internal or external conflicts could make us feel blocked or overburdened; some extra kindness and patience will go a long way at this time. November 16 can bring restlessness, but also a great potential to liberate ourselves from attachments that are weighing us down.

November 29 can enhance our imagination and inspire us to act creatively and compassionately, while December 8 amps up our drive and our desires, supporting us to follow our instincts with moderation.

Those with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius in their charts will feel the ambition and the emotional intensity brought on by this transit the most, but all of us are supported to go deep, be honest with ourselves, overcome our fears, and follow our desires in the life area ruled by Scorpio at this time. 





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