Astro Alert: Mercury Enters Scorpio

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 09 2021

On the 5th same day, Mercury enters Scorpio, finally leaving his extended retrograde shadow. The following three weeks are a time to have those deep talks we’ve been avoiding and to communicate more openly about subjects that we usually sweep under the rug.

Mercury in Scorpio:
November 5 – November 24

For most of November, brainy Mercury moves through the inquisitive sign of Scorpio, supporting us to ditch the small talk and get to know each other on a deeper level. Communication will be focused and our intuition will have a lot to say about the nonverbal communication signals and the energy that we pick up from others. Basically, our bullsh*t radar will be sharper than ever, making it easy to figure out people’s true colors.

This is a great month to delve into psychology, occultism, or sexuality, exploring knowledge about unconventional or taboo subjects. We’re less likely to avoid serious discussions and we can have the chance to talk with our partner(s) about our fears, desires, and expectations in bed. It’s also a great time to start psychotherapy or shadow work, exploring past experiences and storylines that we usually keep hidden.

The 6th and the 18th can be great for inner work, emotional connection, and deep talks, while the 10th, the 13th, and the 20th could bring a tendency to see the glass as half empty, to use sharp words, or to be excessively suspicious of others. With both chatty Mercury enters Sagittarius and fierce Mars in Scorpio, we might need to make a conscious effort to speak from the heart and to avoid projecting our fears or resentments on others.


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