New Moon in March 2019 by Sign

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 11 2019

On New Moons, the Moon conjuncts the Sun. Our feelings, habits and subconscious patterns (the Moon) fuse with our conscious ego and will (the Sun) to launch a powerful new beginning. There is little contradiction between what we feel and what we want as impressions and intentions unite to start a new cycle.

The sky is dark on a New Moon, so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s lurking around the corner. This can give birth to uncertainty, especially since our feelings can stay “in the dark” as well, more difficult than usual to recognize and to integrate. Time will tell! Whatever lies in store will mark the following two weeks (until the month’s Full Moon) and, at a larger scale, the following six months (up to a Full Moon in the same sign). Let’s go through the zodiac signs to see what each of them brings on a New Moon.

Aries New Moon

An Aries New Moon is a double start, as this zodiac sign is all about beginnings. Now we might be inspired to start something new, to venture into uncharted territory, to act on a whim and take risks that we wouldn’t have taken before. Use that inner fire to clearly visualize what you want and don’t be afraid to go with the flow of what novelty your life brings at this time! As long as you stay mindful of tendencies to react too impulsively, this New Moon will bring you closer to being authentically YOU.

Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moons are slow but sure starts. As this zodiac sign isn’t very fond of change, we might be feeling uncertain, overwhelmed or confused at this time. Embracing this uncertainty, even for a moment, can open the gates for a fresh start in finance, business, skills that earn us money or sensuality. It can be a good time to become more financially organized, start a business, learn a new skill, take up gardening and connect to your senses. Involving crystals, plants or direct contact with the Earth in your New Moon ritual is a great practice, as well as setting intentions for grounding and abundance.

Gemini New Moon

A Gemini New Moon energizes us with the desire to learn, talk and move around. Naturally curious, Gemini loves new starts. On this New Moon, we might find ourselves talking more than usual, reading, socializing, taking in different bits of information or multitasking. It’s great if you can go with the flow and follow your curiosities, but also take a step back and choose a clear direction. Is there a new course you want to start? A new blog, social media account, job in communications? Are you energized to dig into a domain that you haven’t tackled before or do you feel like you’re becoming more aware of your thought patterns? These are all encouraged by a Gemini New Moon- just remember to breathe and to follow your intention!

Cancer New Moon

Uncertainty can run high on a Cancer New Moon. This sensitive, safety-loving sign is reluctant to new beginnings because it knows how emotionally taxing they can be. It helps to be in a safe space at this time- at home, with family or in your own private world. From this space, a new start can find its way: a house renovation, a change of place, deeper forgiveness and intimacy with relatives and loved ones, a stronger connection to our inner child and to our nurturing abilities. The more you can connect to your emotions and intuition at this time (maybe even during a ritual bath), the more powerful your New Moon intention will be!

Leo New Moon

A Leo New Moon is a grandiose beginning when we’re called to step forward with confidence and staying power. At this time, emotions (the Moon) can be strongly influenced by how we affirm ourselves and how others perceive us (Leo, the Sun). We might find ourselves losing confidence for a moment, but this is usually only to find it again- stronger than before! A Leo New Moon marks a new, creative lease of life, a new project, a fresh perspective where our inner child can make a step forward in expressing his innate joy and love on the world’s stage. Just like a fire attracts people around its warmth, set your intention of shining so bright into your mission that others will naturally follow.

Virgo New Moon

A Virgo New Moon marks a silent beginning- some sort of “What’s the big deal?” However, behind this modesty, there’s a dedicated, thorough approach that has the power of turning any dream into reality. It’s a time for envisioning, planning, organizing the next two weeks/six months while also allowing the space for being surprised by life’s changes. These changes can be linked to work, health, lifestyle or study as a new phase begins, ready to guide us closer to our personal mission and to responsibility towards our and others’ well-being. You can let yourself inspired by nature’s perfection and flow as you set the purest intentions for your mind, your work and your daily life.

Libra New Moon

A Libra New Moon is a social moon, a time when the need to relate to others comes to the forefront of our lives. It could come with uncertainty about our relationships and partnerships as a new start is heralded- either a new relationship or a different phase in existing connections. Now is the moment to reflect on how we can relate in a fair way, sharing with others and enjoying this adventure together. It could even mean a fresh start in artistic or in legal matters. Regardless of what’s in store for you, set intentions of love and balance for the next two-week/six-month cycle and you’ll surely reap the rewards!

Scorpio New Moon

A Scorpio New Moon can be very powerful. While this sign is all about emotions, New Moon energy can make working with emotions more difficult, yet also more intense than usual. Imagine the results! It can be a total change of direction, a transformation of our feelings, our desires and fears, our intimate life. We can find a new approach towards managing shared resources, be it emotions, money or subtle energy. If you venture into your soul, you can find that Scorpio thrives on new beginnings, precisely because they’re an opportunity for transformation. Setting soul intentions through ritual can be especially powerful at this time.

Sagittarius New Moon

A Sagittarius New Moon is a joyful and adventurous kind of New Moon. If you want to start a new university course, a new spiritual practice or to embark on an adventure abroad, this is the time to do it! The following two weeks or six months can present you with many opportunities linked to an idea, an impulse or a chain of events that got triggered at this time. It could even be a change in your personal beliefs or in the way you present them to others. No matter what, it’s ideal to stay mindful and to find that balance between evaluating the risks of a situation… and jumping right in. Set your intentions for expansion and enjoy the process!

Capricorn New Moon

New Moons in Capricorn mark powerful beginnings in career, work, and personal authority. Whatever hasn’t been working in the previous two-week/six-month cycle is now ready to be reconstructed. It could be a little uncomfortable since Capricorns thrive on stability, yet they will love the improved efficiency that comes with a better approach. This is the start of a new “you” in your career path and in your pursuit of personal goals! Set intentions linked to career, self-discipline, and dedication as you flow with the changes happening in your life. The endpoint is a more complete, fulfilling sense of responsibility for your own life.

Aquarius New Moon

An Aquarius New Moon is a great time to change the status quo in any domain of your life, embodying a more innovative, daring approach. The saying “Choose change or change will choose you” fits here: this New Moon can create surprising circumstances in your life, destined to shake you out of outdated patterns. It can bring new friends, a new social group, involvement in a social/political cause, an increased interest for astrology or science, an internet-related project. Think intellectual, unique, altruistic: these are all keywords for Aquarius and they can guide the intentions you’re setting at this time. Dare to be yourself, even if it means going against the current.

Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moons are idealistic moons when we’re supported to dream our lives for the next two-week and six-month cycles. As emotions run high (including subconscious currents or collective emotions), we might not see things clearly at this time. It ’s easier to grasp intuitively what the new cycle will bring than analyze it or plan it rationally. Going with the flow is an important key right now as a fresh start linked to dreams, spirituality, beliefs, solitude, reflection, compassion and sacrifice prefigures itself. Have faith and take some time to meditate, sending your highest intentions out in the Universe- now, more than ever, they will certainly be received.



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