How To Use Your Anti-Anxiety Kit?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 08 2019

One of the biggest issues of today’s modern way of life is definitely anxiety. That pesky companion that never leaves your side, and never lets you relax. The minute you want to relax, constant worries start swarming you – what will happen tomorrow, all the possible, probable and impossible scenarios. No matter how ridiculous and silly they might seem in reality, in your mind, they are very real. Almost like they are happening to you right here, right now. And life, shouldn’t be like that. Which is why we created the Anti-Anxiety Kit to help you get rid of anxiety for good!

Our Anti-Anxiety Kit is also called the I am Grounded Kit because to banish anxiety you need to restore balance into your life. And what better way to achieve balance than ground yourself? What better way to live life, than right here, right now? Unfortunately, anxiety is one of those issues that never settles on its own. If you leave it to rage around, it will only grow bigger and bigger, creating a wall between you and the present. Because that is what anxiety is. An obstacle with the illusion of power. The only power it has is creating negative illusions about what could happen, and it only has power because you are fueling your anxiety. The only way to win with anxiety is to take back the power in your hands and show anxiety who the boss in your life is.

What is the Anti-Anxiety Kit?

Our Anti-Anxiety or I Am Grounded Kit is a set of tools that will help you win the battle with anxiety. The biggest power anxiety has is when you think about the future and create wrong perceptions about reality. The moment you take a step back and start focusing on the present moment, anxiety loses its power completely. However, staying here and now in the present moment is harder to achieve than you might think. That is why we have created the I Am Grounded Kit, filled with a set of crystals, crystal jewelry, and incense to help you relieve anxiety, and to help you stay grounded in the present, where anxiety doesn’t hold power over you.

How to use the Anti-Anxiety (I Am Grounded) Kit?

We recommend you use the tools in the following order:

Light your Palo Santo Incense. Breathe in and breathe out. Now start setting up the crystals around your incense. Breathe in and breathe out. Let the grounding energy of your incense awaken the energy frequencies of the crystals in front of you. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel yourself getting more and more relaxed, focused and serene.

Lay down, and start setting up the crystals… Read More…



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