Astro Alert: New Moon in Pisces Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 19 2020

After an intense eclipse season, February helps us unwind with a dreamy New Moon in Pisces. These moon has easy, harmonious aspects from the other actors on the cosmic stage, so enjoy a little break… and remember to create your own magic in the meantime!

Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, this Pisces New Moon is a fresh start at the end of a cycle; a paradox. We can feel both nostalgia and hope for the future as this New Moon contains the seeds of the following months when it comes to dreams, spirituality, karma, sacrifice, self-undoing and creativity. What is starting in these areas for you? What new awareness, insight, boundary, kindness or approach to your pain is now being born?

Since the New Moon conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Pisces, it’s likely to be a confusing time that has us mulling over issues from our past, so don’t rush with setting big intentions or making important decisions. Instead, take time to reflect and to connect to your emotions, separating your feelings from what you’ve absorbed from others, setting limits and exploring your need for connection, a need that might sometimes disguise itself in addiction or escapism. 

In the background, a powerful Mars-Uranus trine can help us, in unexpected or unconventional ways, to break from old patterns of attachment or self-undoing and to move forward towards more self-respect and self-love, even if that means having to deal with repressed anger, fear or desire first. Stay mindful of your knee-jerk reactions at this time- they might be strong and difficult to censor.

Embracing our impulses, while still holding ourselves responsible for them, can be a good way to move forward at this time. This can lead us towards unity and self-integration, something that Pisces is constantly looking for beyond the illusions and the broken bits of daily life.

Set your intentions for this New Moon, but set them lightly and let them go with the same ease. Acceptance and surrender are the best ways to embrace this hazy, karmically rich cosmic moment.



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