Astro Alert: Jupiter in Aquarius Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 14 2020

Saturn isn’t the only planet amplifying the energy of broad-minded Aquarius in December! Jupiter, the god of expansion, faith, and luck, will transit the Water Bearer until December 28, 2021. In those areas of life where Saturn comes with challenges and calls to responsibility- groups, community, technology, innovation, and global awareness-, Jupiter compensates by bringing ease, joy, and growth. 

The following year could bring a surge in technological advances and scientific discoveries as our minds are venturing beyond the known and exploring reality through a detached, objective lens. Jupiter in Aquarius supports us to pursue knowledge and to take the risk of discovering new perspectives with an open mind and with the global awareness needed to foster a sense of connection and community. This transit encourages progressive views in education, medicine, law, politics, and religion/spirituality, promoting scientific thinking and a benevolent, yet detached way of communication.

Since Aquarius is the archetypal rebel, we could see breakthroughs brought on by revolution as more and more of us are disengaging from the status quo and finding new, alternative ways of living according to our values.

In the following year, like-minded people will find each other with more ease, giving birth to partnerships, allegiances, and movements propelled by a common, innovative vision. More and more barriers will come down, allowing us to sense our common humanity and to come together for a cause. 

Jupiter in Aquarius is all about the freedom and the authenticity to pursue what makes us happy, regardless of how things are usually done or how other people might react. The only way to build a strong global community is to allow each member the freedom of being themselves, bringing their unique contribution to the greater whole.

Since tradition-oriented Saturn is also in Aquarius, our attempts to think- and act- outside the box could be met with resistance, and the challenge is to keep faith in ourselves while also remembering temperance and humility.

These traits could be difficult to embody in the following year, since Jupiter is anything but moderate, while Aquarius prides itself on its intellect and eccentricity. In 2021, we could be tempted to react with extreme rebellion, stubbornness, or moral superiority in situations that, in fact, are trying to prompt us to integrate self-awareness and tolerance. At its best, Jupiter in Aquarius is confident, yet flexible enough to accommodate different perspectives.

Those of us with important planets or points in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius will feel this transit the most, but Jupiter in Aquarius will bring growth and opportunities in the area of groups, technology, innovation, community, and consciousness to all of us. We all have something to contribute, and we all deserve the freedom to be fully ourselves. This transit supports us with inspiration, optimism, and faith in the future.

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