Astro Alert: Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 21 2020

The interaction between Jupiter and Saturn- the social planets that deal with customs, rules, laws, culture, and collective knowledge- defines history in cycles of 20 and, on a larger scale, 250 years. Once every 20 years, the two planets meet in conjunction, while every 250 years, this conjunction changes its element. Both of these events are taking place this December. Jupiter rules expansion, knowledge, law, and belief, while Saturn is the planet of social rules, structures, and responsibility. The last conjunction of these two major celestial players took place in earthly Taurus in 2000. What have we seen since then?

A rise in our interest in ecology (alongside a spike in ecological problems), simultaneous with a rise in greed and attachment to material values (alongside economic crisis). In fact, we’ve been having Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) for the last 250 years, and they’ve been defining society as we know it: preoccupied with practical work, material security, and growth, industriousness, and industry, on the full spectrum between balanced and excessive.

Starting from this year, we’re entering a new cycle when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will take place in air signs for the next 250 years. The air signs- Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius- are less materialistic and more focused on knowledge, communication, and flexibility. During this new cycle, we’ll become less and less fixed on having and achieving and more interested in knowing and connecting. We’re entering the age of speed- whether we’re talking about the subjective perception of time or the rapidity of technological advancements- when values such as community, connection, progress, and freedom will slowly replace our current priorities.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius also marks the start of a 20-year cycle when technological advancements and scientific discoveries will soar, and we’ll witness a surge forward in consciousness as more and more people awaken to a more detached, objective, a clear-cut vision of reality. Starting from 2023, when transformative Pluto will enter innovative Aquarius as well, it’s safe to say that we’re stepping into a new age.

These new cycles come with their own challenges, from the issue of ethics in the use of advanced technology (AI, biotech, neuro networks) to sustainability, intellectual property, or extremes of thought and action from those who want to tear down the world and rebuild it from scratch. At its worst, Aquarius is uncompromising, rigid in his ideas, and unwilling to learn from others. These are tendencies that we’re prompted to work on during the next years.

On a personal level, this Great Conjunction asks us to take on more responsibility for our role in society, finding practical ways (Saturn) to apply our ideals (Jupiter) by making a conscious commitment. Astrologer Steven Forrest describes this aspect as a pot of gold (lucky Jupiter) found on a challenging mountain (strenuous Saturn), our task being to find the mountain we want to climb (the goal, the direction) and to see things through, even if it might be one of the most demanding tasks we’ve ever tackled.

Particularly from December 2020 to March 2021, conscious commitment and the ability to postpone gratification can be some of our greatest assets, and the goal that we’re working towards is, at best, an Aquarian one: different, innovative, out of the box, and likely to earn us a few judgmental stares from others. No harm done. Keep climbing!

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