Astro Alert: Sun In Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 22 2020

From December 21 to January 19, 2021, the Sun in Capricorn marks that time of the year when we’re focused on our goals and ready to go the extra mile to reach them. Each sign is connected with the turn of the seasons, and Capricorn is the one marking the deepest wintertime: a period of austerity, introversion, and resilience.

Today, even as holiday lights brighten up our short winter days, the vibe of this month keeps supporting us to turn within, to set our priorities straight (that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for, right?), and to keep our eyes on the prize as we’re working on a battle plan.

This is not just any Capricorn season, though! Even if we’ll feel the need to hang on to the past and to avoid making waves- Capricorn prefers tried-and-true methods to novel approaches-, the energy of this month is a floodgate to the contrary. Luckily, from December 21 to January 4, the Sun stays locked into a harmonious trine with groundbreaking Uranus, a useful aspect during these shifting times. It shows that we’ll adapt with relative ease to the changes around us, finding alternative ways of doing our work and building new structures in our lives.

This aspect brings change on a material level and an increased desire for freedom and equality at the workplace, supporting us to make our own rules, as much as the current context allows it. Happy birthday to our Capricorn readers- you’ll definitely be remembering this one!

What Is Capricorn All About?

Capricorn is represented by the symbol of the Sea-Goat which represents dynamic, often opposite realms, making Capricorn able to navigate both the material and emotional realms of existence. Capricorn is the last earth sign, giving off stable, practical, grounding energy. Down to earth and dedicated to completing their goals and purposes, these are some of the most persistent, reliable, and self-actualized signs of the zodiac.

Once a Capricorn sets their mind onto something, they don’t stop until they accomplish it. And this overall energy into which New Year’s Eve also falls under is the energy and motivation we need to set new goals, map out 2021 and create our own damn magic in it!

The unwavering focus and grounding energy of Capricorn comes mostly from the planet that rules Capricorn – Saturn. Saturn shows us where our karma, fears, and greatest areas of improvement are. It’s also usually the planet that teaches us the hardest, but necessary lessons in life. That’s why Capricorn energy is filled with endurance, motivation, and persistence.

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