I'm Proud Of You

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 25 2017

Today, I had the chance to catch up with a good friend that I hadn’t spoken to in a while.  You know one of those let me catch you up with the 3 months worth of information I’ve been dying to share with a good girlfriend type of conversations?  Needless to say, it was magical.  During the three hour long conversation, we shared updates on careers, boys, books, tv shows and life goals.  We touched on politics, science, religion and spirituality.  It was one of the most fulfilling conversations I’ve had in awhile.  

The most profound moment for me, actually happened at the end of our chat.  She said to me, ‘I am really proud of you, of all the things you are working on accomplishing and all of the things you are juggling’.  I was overwhelmed with such gratitude after hearing her say that to me.  Which, of course got me thinking about how rarely I experience someone saying that to me and how much I needed to hear it at that moment.  I think in theory, I believe most of the folks around me do feel proud of me, and it’s not that I believe they are not why I felt such gratitude.  But, I do think that often, we become so used to the people closest to us, the things that they do for us, and the ways they contribute to our lives, that we stop seeing them in a way that would make us think to tell them how amazing we think they are.  

Moreover, it appears we live in a world where we are conditioned to look for flaws, inaccuracies and failings.  We hold others to high, and often unreasonable standards due to our celebrity driven culture.  I think sometimes we forget that others around us are battling demons and juggling responsibilities we know nothing of and they desperately need to know someone sees that they are trying.    I believe that this is why we often spend more time judging those around us, instead of looking deeply for how they are kicking ass at whatever they are working on, big or small.

So, thank you, T, for those kind words, but more, thank you for teaching me a little lesson.  We must remember to stop and look at those around us, especially those close to us and see them.  Tell them we are proud of them and that they are freaking magical.  It will only take a few moments, but it ultimately gives them one more reason to keep pushing forward.  

Today, I challenge anyone who reads this, to really take a moment and look at everyone you encounter today.  Find something you respect, admire or are proud of them for doing, and tell them.  

Can you do it?



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