Your Sign's Best Zodiac Match in Bed

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 25 2017

With Libra season starting on the 22nd, it is officially cuffing season!  The best way to celebrate this elusive season is of course lots of hot chocolate, cuddling and hiding under the covers.  Have you ever wondered which sign would help you create the most explosive bedroom action to get you through cuffing season?  Well, as usual, we have your back.  Check out your sign’s best zodiac match in bed!

You are adventurous, spicy and love when your bedroom exploits get a little rough and your perfect match is a Sagittarius for just these reasons.  Sagittarius won’t tire, and can keep up with your energetic ways, Aries.  They are also born explorers, so any new techniques, toys or places you want to try out, they will be eager to go along.  You could also experience fireworks with Leo and Libra.

You love it slow, sensual and comfortable, Taurus, and your perfect match is Virgo for those reasons and more!  You will appreciate a Virgo’s stability and desire to create a comfortable yet sensual environment for your lovemaking.  Plus, Virgo is a born perfectionist, meaning they are eager to please you better than anyone has before.  Capricorn and Scorpio could also bring some super excitement to your bedroom exploits.

Mental and physical stimulation are a must for you in bed, Gemini.  You want your mind to be as active as your body, and no one can deliver this duality like a Libra, Gemini.  They are happy to bring some role playing action to the bedroom and will bring the term ‘mindsex’ to another level for you.  Pairing Aquarius and Sagittarius could prove to be explosive as well.  Aquarius will stimulate your mind, bringing some extra kink to the equation and Sagittarius will encourage you to explore new things.

You need a bedroom partner who’s as caring, considerate and sensitive as you Cancer, and this is why Pisces is the one for you!  Pisces will anticipate your unspoken desires, delivering them unselfishly and will listen and do the same for the needs you express openly.  You will do the same for them, and this makes you a force to reckon with in between the sheets. You can also have some steamy relations with Scorpio and Capricorn.  Scorpio will understand your need for emotional connection and Capricorn will help you ground your emotions.


You want to be the star of the bedroom, Leo, and Sagittarius will be exactly the type of partner who will worship every inch of you.  They will explore your body, mind and soul like their lives depend on it, bringing you to ecstacy at every new turn, ever losing energy.  Aries and Aquarius could prove to be also mind blowing between the sheets.  Aries has the energy and fortitude to keep up with you, and Aquarius thinks big, always striving to take you to the next level. 

You are a perfectionist is all areas of life including the bedroom, and no one will appreciate that as much as a Taurus.  As practical as they may seem initially, Taurus is an excellent lover, they will take their time pamper and enjoy every part of you.  Capricorn and Pisces could also bring some spiciness to the picture. Capricorn will wine and dine you before coitus, and Pisces will push you to your limits.

It’s all about balance for you, Libra.  You need someone who will relish your body and play with your mind at the same time, and Gemini is one of the few who can do this successfully.  Gemini will alternate between keeping your mind spinning and your body twitching.  Aries and Aquarius could also bring some excitement between the sheets as well.  Aries, your opposite will bring the fire and energy your body craves, Aquarius will make your mind explode with thoughts to make you blush.

You need someone travel down to the dark, murky depth of your soul to achieve the ultimate ecstacy, Scorpio.  Pisces is able to fulfill this request and more.  They can help you explore your deepest, darkest, steamest desires without hesitation or judgement.  Cancer and Taurus also make steamy matches for you.  Cancer isn’t afraid if you get a little emo post-coitus and Taurus will remain grounded as your anchor while you dive deep.

You are a born explorer, Sagittarius and it is imperative you partner with someone who will explore with you, even if your exploration never takes you out of the bedroom.  Your best match is an Aries for exactly this reason.  They will match your abundant energy and will happily try any new idea you can come up with.  Leo and Gemini also make great bedroom buddies.  Leo will keep up with your desire to experience everything at least once, and Gemini will love to toy with your mind and body.  

They say you are conversative, Capricorn, but are you really, all the time?  Nope, and Taurus will understand this about you more than most signs.  Although you like the finer things in life, who says finer can’t be freaky too?  Taurus will happily deliver both to your bedroom.  Virgo and Cancer can also make good bedroom buddies.  Virgo loves to keep things orderly and will aim to bring you the perfect experience.  Cancer will nurture your needs and listen to your desires. 

They say you’re quirky, Aquarius, and they aren’t lying.  You’ve probably been there and done a lot, and you need someone incredibly advanced to keep up with your bedroom innovations.  Gemini is equipped to not only keep up with you but they will also bring the banter adding to a level of unrivaled spiciness.  Libra and Leo could also make some interesting bedroom buddies.  Libra is all for the mind f**ks you are bringing and Leo loves a good bedroom party, the more festivities the better.

Feeding your soul is just an important as feeding your body, Pisces, and few signs can help you do both with Scorpio being one of the few who can.  You will love Scorpio’s willingness to discover all aspects of you; mind, body and soul, pushing you to incredibly ecstasy.  Cancer and  Virgo will also complement your bedroom style.  Cancer will listen to your deepest desires and Virgo will meticulously please your body.  

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