The Simple Guide on how to Meditate Deeply

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Posted on September 11 2017

By: Tyler Read

As a personal trainer and health and wellness advocate, I am a strong supporter of keeping everything in Balance. This includes the body, mind and soul.  When I typically work with my clients in real life or on my website, the average advice that I give is related to fitness and diet. Over the last few years I have realized that this is only a small part of what is considered wellness. A few years back I really started getting into meditation in order to clear my thoughts, remove stress from my life and live in the present.

I will go over some of the best tips that I have learned in order to stay in the present and be able to meditate deeply. I will try to keep this as simple as possible because I know there are tons of books on the subject that can make meditating seem overly complicated. Let's get right into it!

There is just One (thing) here. Meditation reveals our identity as that Oneness. Meditation is often thought of as getting someplace. But you're never really going anywhere. In fact, meditation is really all about just being present with ‘what is’ -- right here, right now. Being present with whatever is here on the 'outside' (the phenomenal world) and on the 'inside' (our thoughts and emotions)…with no grasping.

So in meditation, just be present with anything in your environment. It can be a beautiful vase of flowers. It can be the feel of your feet on the floor. It can be the sound of the chimes outside your window moving in the wind. It can be the sweet taste of ice cream. It can be the joyful sounds of your children. It can be the in and out of your very own breath. Whatever it is that you are present with…just have a ‘relaxed attention’. This being present is a very physical experience. In the words of a couple ancient Masters… stay as close to the situation as "an echo following sound" or "like the sky hugging the mountains." That is how close you want to be to whatever is in the field of your experience.

Do this several times throughout your day. Just remind yourself to be present with whatever situation you find yourself in. Very soon, it will become a way of life. This life, that is right here, right now, is Presence.  Don’t worry about a future or regret about a past. There are no problems ‘here’. There is no fear. And most importantly…as you begin to get a deep feeling for this…there is this ‘one taste’ of existence. That is who you are. Finding this identity – this Oneness -- is actually why we are here in this life. It is also what is felt and known to be as ‘Love’…as there is no ‘other’.

So meditation has nothing to do (really) with any tradition, lineage, teacher or belief. Although those may be helpful along the way, it is really the absence of all of those. In fact, sitting with someone who can hold that space is hugely beneficial. And what a joy! May your meditations – the entirety of your Life -reveal life's unfolding grace in and as your very own heart.

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